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Campaign Summary

Toyota wanted to be considered as a mobility company and not just a car company, with a mission to one day create barrier-free mobility solutions available to everyone. As the first Official Mobility Sponsor of both the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Toyota sought to demonstrate its commitment to mobility on a global platform. Instead of telling consumers that it was a mobility company, it aimed to prove so through its partnership and by elevating the Paralympic Games and empowering Paralympic athletes.

Insight, Strategy, and the Idea

At the core of Toyota's new mission was the belief that when we are free to move, anything is possible. To elevate the Paralympics, Toyota addressed the stigma around Paralympic athletes who overcome incredible odds to compete and face unimaginable challenges.

Toyota wanted to reach the next generation of Olympic and Paralympic movement enthusiasts, or those that are not only inspired by the passion of the Games but by the stories of individual struggle. This audience was referred to as the “Optimists of the world”: people who believe technology and innovation will lead humankind toward a brighter future.

@SeeLikeMenna was the first Instagram experience that let users see the world through the eyes of visually impaired skier and Paralympic gold medalist, Menna Fitzpatrick. To accurately reflect Menna’s three percent vision and give users a deeper understanding of the magnitude of her achievements, Toyota turned to Instagram — a 100 percent visual platform. The experience was executed on mobile, taking into consideration that in 2018 there was a 50 percent rise in mobile viewership of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. To change the way people perceive Paralympians and to help these athletes get the recognition that they deserve, Toyota created content that was appealing yet disruptive to the platform.


Toyota created the @SeeLikeMenna Instagram account along with a teaser video to help build a community around Menna. A series of first-person point of view videos were posted each day along with stills that let people experience what it’s like to be a Paralympian with only three percent vision. The teaser video for the account was translated into more than 20 languages and was published on YouTube and Facebook, which directly linked to the @SeeLikeMenna Instagram account.

@SeeLikeMenna was distributed across global social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) across 26 countries during the Paralympic Games, reaching a large global audience. Promoted videos on the social platforms directed users to the @SeeLikeMenna Instagram page, encouraging engagement with Menna's experience.


@SeeLikeMenna helped change the way that people see Paralympians — giving people a unique window into what it takes to compete at the Paralympics, while underscoring Toyota’s commitment to mobility for all. The campaign created an entirely new community of followers of the @SeeLikeMenna account, which was comprised of thousands of individuals.

Toyota sparked a global conversation around the Games. Its mission helped make the 2018 Paralympics the most watched Games in history. Campaign results included:

  • Teaser views: 41 Million
  • Likes and Comments: 250,000
  • Media Impressions: One billion
  • International Articles: nearly 1,200 feature press placements at top tier publications around the world

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