Burger King: Emoji Whopper


Campaign Summary

The various ways in which tech firms design their burger emojis and the correct order of ingredients in burger emojis sparked an online debate in late 2017. When Google’s CEO addressed audiences to "agree on the correct way" to build a burger, the debate intensified and the whole internet began discussing how burgers must or must not be created. 

Burger King seized the opportunity to play an active role in the debate and share Burger King’s point of view. It engaged its younger fans while also promoting its brand identity: “Burger King, YOUR WAY."

Insight, Strategy, and the Idea

In Argentina, Burger King's Instagram became the most popular social platform for the brand, with a fan base of more than 78,000 followers. When the entire internet began talking about how burgers should be built, and how burger emojis should look, it decided to promote its core brand message (YOUR WAY) and encourage people to order a burger however they wanted.

Unlike some of its competitors, Burger King’s burgers are made to order and can be customized for each guest. It brought this notion into the ongoing massive social media debate, giving its Instagram followers the chance to order a whopper through Instagram stories – the only platform where emojis are displayed exactly as they were sent without any translation between phone brands or operating systems.

Users posted selfies holding their own phone's burgermojis as a story, showing and sharing the activation with each of their followers. Burger King's followers, who turned every single Instagram story feed into branded media placements, revealed the many possible combinations of its emoji whopper. Burger King rewarded each participant by sending them a personalized coupon to their Instagram direct message inboxes, giving them the opportunity to get a whopper that looked just like the burgermoji they had posted.


Burger King posted one Instagram Story contextualizing the current burgermoji discussion, claiming that there's no wrong or right way to build burgers and at Burger King everyone is welcome to have their burgers the way they want to. It invited its followers to share a story with a selfie holding their phone's burgermoji and tagging @burgerkingarg. Those who posted received a coupon to redeem their personalized emoji whopper at Burger King restaurants.

Immediately after posting the promo, followers started creating stories holding burger emojis and mentioning Burger King. As timelines were flooded, the campaign went viral and took over Instagram stories throughout Argentina.  


  • More than 12,000 Instagram Stories
  • Seven new whopper combinations created

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