Ministry of Communications and Technology: My Line


Campaign Summary

In recent years the Government of Colombia obtained the largest penetration of internet in its country’s history through the Ministry of Communication and Technology. Yet despite all its efforts, many people in different regions still did not have access to the internet or smartphones due to their remote geographical location. The Ministry of Communication and Technology set out to bring missing information closer to these audiences.

Insight, Strategy, and the Idea

The Ministry of Communication and Technology created “My Line,” a traditional telephone landline powered by Google that people could call at any time, from any place or device. My Line brought the power of Google Assistant to anyone with access to a standard phone line, making search through artificial intelligence available to those without a smartphone or computer.


Once users placed a call to 6000913, a local telephone number, they were able to ask Google Assistant any question. In a matter of seconds, the question was processed in My Line’s software, which was linked to Google Systems. My Line would then receive the respective response and would share it back with the caller by phone.


For the first time in history, 99.3 percent of Colombia’s population was given access to information available in Google Systems.

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