Tele2: Rain Wi-Fi


Campaign Summary

Mobile provider Tele2 generated positive publicity for itself by developing a technology that could provide free internet service by capitalizing on rain power.

Insight, Strategy, and the Idea

In 2017, mobile operator Tele2 found itself faced with a problem: heavy mobile internet users, its key source of business growth, did not perceive it as an attractive service provider. The perception was particularly negative in St. Petersburg, Russia's second-largest city.

To change this perception and position itself as a provider of high-quality products and services, Tele2 introduced “Rain Wi-Fi,” the world's first rain-powered 4G-router, which turned rain into free internet for people who got caught in a downpour. The device was installed into a drainpipe, where the rain flow activated a turbine, which generated electricity, enabling the 4G-router to deliver Wi-Fi.

The campaign was targeted at residents of urban St. Petersburg, which experiences an average of 200 rainy days a year and contains many signal-poor courtyards well-suited for Rain Wi-Fi installation.


Through SMM and online media publications, Tele2 invited people to visit its promotional webpage at to vote for locations where Rain Wi-Fi was needed the most, resulting in many installations of Rain Wi-Fi devices, which have operated for 534 rainy hours and delivered over 20 TB of free internet, which have been used to consume, among other things:

  • 16,000 hours of documentaries
  • 15,800 hours of other educational material
  • 3.6 million articles


Tele2’s campaign:

  • Connected over 130,000 people to rain-powered 4G-routers across St. Petersburg
  • Garnered over 139 million media impressions
  • Elicited a positive response from 40 percent of those who were aware of the activation
  • Received coverage across 53 public social-media pages, 105 publications, and two TV broadcasts
  • Helped cultivate a partnership with Microsoft, whose Azure technology helped to maintain the system and analyze data
  • Doubled the percentage of people who viewed Tele2 as an attractive operator for heavy mobile internet users

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