Campaign Summary GMBH promoted its World Cup broadcasts by releasing a pen-like device that allowed fans to clandestinely follow gameplay at work.

Insight, Strategy, and the Idea

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup taking place in Russian time zones, the tournament’s game-times were set to clash with German working hours. As a solution, GMBH developed a pen-like device that capitalized on bone-conduction technology to inconspicuously transmit its broadcasts of soccer matches to users’ eardrums while they pretended to chew on it, thereby hiding their football fanaticism from their bosses.


To raise awareness of the many live sports broadcasters in its stable of talent and to promote the app, GMBH gave away 10 pens to participants in a social media contest.


Once the pen was featured on social media, it increased GMBH’s engagement with its fan base, as well as with the larger social-media community.

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