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Campaign Summary

High-school aged boys around the world are currently 50 percent more likely to fail their exams and classes than their female classmates. This is often referred to as the “reverse gender gap.”

When he saw his son struggling to prepare for a big physics exam, award-winning songwriter George Hammond-Hagen had the idea of mashing up what kids are into (music) with what they need to be more into (school).

Insight, Strategy, and the Idea

From math to science to English and so much more, the Studytracks app currently features over 1,000 tracks that span 55 different subjects – and Including content covered on standardized tests like the SAT (U.S.), GCSE and AS Level (U.K.), and Brevet (France).

These Studytracks work by turning topics into easy to remember “hooks.” As the student listens to the music, these hooks become embedded in their memory — just like the lyrics to a song you can’t get out of your head. Students are then able to recall information easily and effectively while taking their exams and participating in class.

To turn this exam hack into an applied study technique, Educational App needed a platform the two target groups could access: both students and teachers.

Educational App built a smartphone application with a syllabus interface, enabling teachers to easily create Studytracks for their curricula.

For students, Educational App added playlist functions so Studytracks could be shared and used off-line.

The strategy was two-fold:

  • Channel integration, which focused on the app’s innovation and the reverse gender gap to generate earned media that the company could re-purpose in own channels.
  • Stakeholder integration, which sought to collaborate with engaging experts, teachers and boards of education to endorse and adapt the platform.


To enable further expansion, Studytracks was transformed from prototype to enterprise by adding subscriptions for schools and a B2B business model based on premium features. But still designed for students, who typically have older or cheaper phones with restricted data volumes, requiring smart compression, quick downloads, and off-line use.

Educational App then developed Studytracks into a platform available on iOS, Android, Chromebook, and Alexa in Great Britain, France, and the United States. To drive awareness and conversation, Educational App leveraged media relations to design offers for schools in its own channels.


Studytracks has built a user base of 250,000 in France, Great Britain, and the United States, with a monthly increase of 20,000 new users. The app currently includes more than 1,000 tracks, with additions daily via the educator interface and student input.

Support and validation from highly-regarded educational boards and bodies continues to drive use and provide third-party credibility. Recently, the company received support from the Numerisation Team at France’s Education Nationale, the country’s most influential education entity.

Media coverage promoting Studytracks has appeared in BBC News, Daily Mail Online, Sky News, CNEWS Matin, Tele Matin, Elle France, Le Parisien and The Times, to name a few. Additionally, influencers and singer/songwriter/activist Sir Bob Geldof and European DJ Cathy Guetta have praised the platform.

Since its launch, the app reached No.1 on iTunes’ education app chart. Most importantly, data generated through the back-end provides new insight to how kids learn — how to evolve the interface and subjects covered.

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