Barbadillo: Barbadillo “Smart Bottle” with Thinfilm NFC Mobile Solution


Campaign Summary

Barbadillo is one of Spain’s oldest and most renowned wine producers. To gain market share and create brand awareness, it promoted sales of its high-volume white wine, Castillo de San Diego, during the peak of the summer 2017 holiday season.


Objective and Context:

Castillo de San Diego is produced from the Palomino Fino grape and was first bottled commercially by Barbadillo in 1975. It is currently the most widely-sold white wine in Spain. Barbadillo’s challenge was to stand out in the highly competitive Spanish wine market, which has more than 4,000 wineries and produces about 3,500 internationally awarded wines. In such a crowded market, Barbadillo needed to grab consumers’ attention, drive wine bottle sales, engage consumers with a relevant promotion, and foster the next generation of consumers.

Spain has about 32 million smartphone users. Barbadillo knew that it was critical to engage mobile-first consumers, including millennials, and continue the digital conversation. Barbadillo launched its “Tap & Win” campaign in the summer of 2017, using a combination of paid media: TV/radio ads, online media, in-store point-of-sale materials, and smart bottles with Thinfilm NFC (near-field communications).

Target Audience:

Barbadillo’s national campaign targeted a wide range of consumers who shop at 15 major supermarket chains and superstores in Spain, including El Corte Ingles, Carrefour, Hipercor, Alcampo, and Eroski. At these stores, Barbadillo wanted to engage mobile-first users and millennials, so it sent 126,000 NFC-enabled smart bottles of Castillo de San Diego white wine to more than 200 major retail stores in Spain.

Creative Strategy:

Barbadillo’s campaign, “Dando en el Blanco” or “Hitting the Target,” enabled the winery to engage directly with consumers, deliver a compelling digital experience, and collect valuable consumer data. Through a customized NFC-enabled neck collar, consumers were instructed to tap bottles of Castillo de San Diego with their smartphones to learn more about the promotion and have a chance to win prizes. Upon purchasing and opening a bottle, consumers could enter a unique code from the bottle’s cork, along with personal information, into a field displayed on their cellphones to determine if they were winners.

SpeedTap tags were integrated into each NFC-enabled neck collar. The tags could be read instantly, and without an app, with the tap of an NFC-enabled smartphone or device. Each tag was uniquely identifiable and virtually impossible to clone. Once tapped, the tag wirelessly communicated with Thinfilm’s cloud-based software platform CNECT to instantly deliver targeted, relevant content from the brand or manufacturer. The campaign also included television, online, and outdoor advertising support.


Overall Campaign Execution:

To set itself apart, Barbadillo selected Thinfilm’s NFC mobile marketing solution which leveraged NFC SpeedTap tags to create digital touchpoints that could easily be applied to bottles. It allowed consumers to interact directly with the brand by tapping their smartphones on the product tag, with no app required. By using connected NFC bottles featuring Thinfilm technology, Barbadillo discovered that the ideal moment to activate, engage, and convert new consumers was when they were holding a Barbadillo bottle in their hands.

The Tap & Win campaign was launched with a combination of paid media:

  • Primetime TV and radio ads
  • Campaign posters placed at major retailers’ outlets across Madrid, Andalucia, Comunidad Valenciana, and Catalunya
  • Online media including rich media banners, newsletters, and social ads
  • Thinfilm-enabled smart bottles
  • In-store point-of-sale materials

The overall campaign budget was approximately €100,000, with 20 percent allocated to mobile.

Mobile Execution:

Thinfilm and Barbadillo launched the Tap & Win marketing campaign within eight weeks. The teams designed a printed neck collar that was applied to 126,000 bottles of Castillo de San Diego and distributed it to more than 200 major retail outlets in Spain. The neck collar strongly encouraged consumers to tap the bottle with their smartphones for a chance to win €1,000. Each tap took consumers to a microsite that was accessible in-store or after purchase to enter the contest. With new customers opting in, Barbadillo was able to expand its fan base for future engagement.

A unique code was also printed on each cork that consumers could only see after they purchased and opened the bottle. Each smart bottle was tested before shipment to guarantee a seamless consumer digital experience. The NFC SpeedTap smart tags were used in conjunction with Thinfilm’s CNECT cloud software platform, enabling Barbadillo to capture real-time consumer interaction data with the smart bottles, such as time, location, and behavioral data. This allowed Barbadillo to dynamically refine the digital experience and content using Thinfilm’s CNECT platform.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The Tap & Win campaign exceeded all of Barbadillo’s targets and KPIs by combining physical and digital customer experiences. Campaign results revealed that Thinfilm was the most effective media channel, and as a consumer engagement medium it performed exceptionally well compared to all other paid media channels.

Thinfilm attracted the highest volume of highly engaged mobile consumers versus other paid digital channels, based on the duration of time spent on the Tap & Win microsite. It also performed well against organic search and social.

Key results:

  • 54 percent of brand engagement was achieved from NFC and Thinfilm SpeedTap-enabled smart bottles
  • 10 times more traffic generated from Thinfilm than from social platforms, with a 2.8 times increase in average time spent
  • The Tap & Win campaign doubled the rate of acquisition of new Barbadillo subscribers and brand fans, compared to previous online promotions supported by TV and media
  • Smart bottle interactions led to more than 30 percent of consumer purchase conversion
  • 78 percent of all Tap & Win traffic was generated from mobile, versus 66 percent from paid sources

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