Beefeater: Beefeater London Town


Campaign Summary

Beefeater created an immersive experience that sought to bring the best of London’s music, food, culture, and people to the heart of Madrid, supporting the campaign with a diverse array of digital storytelling, which included mobile video content.


Objective and Context:

Beefeater sought to reinforce its positioning in Spain as the leading gin in terms of sales by creating a memorable experience for consumers in which they could escape from their mundane routines.

Target Audience:

The brand’s target audience was gin-drinking adults in Spain aged 25 to 35.

Creative Strategy:

Beefeater sought to recreate London’s musical, cultural, and culinary scene in Madrid as way of evoking and promoting its brand identity.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Beefeater created a space in the heart of Madrid where Spaniards could experience London’s food, culture, music, and people. To accompany the experiential promotion, the brand developed related digital content in forms that were easily consumable and sharable (such as GIFs). Together, these pieces of content wove a tapestry of digital storytelling across different channels with the ability to be tailored to the interests of each user, whether that person was a music lover, a lover of art, a foodie, or someone who preferred vintage fashion.

Mobile Execution:

Beefeater’s digital storytelling included mobile video content.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Beefeater’s 10-day experience:

  • Attracted more than 50,000 attendees
  • Inspired 6,500 pieces of user-generated content
  • Featured 200 media appearances

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