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Campaign Summary

Chase wanted to form deeper relationships with millennial consumers, while also positioning the bank as a source of supportive and instructive financial news and guidance. The bank partnered with NowThis, a leading social media publisher, to create a series of videos designed to educate and advise millennials on the financial matters most important to them.


Objective and Context:

JPMorgan Chase was looking to reposition the brand as not just a bank, but also as a source of supportive and instructive financial news and guidance.

Target Audience:

Chase wanted to shift its brand perception amongst young people, ages 18 to 34. The brand chose NowThis — the world’s No. 1 news publisher on social media — as a media partner for the campaign, as it consistently reaches 70 percent of all Americans in their 20s, per Nielsen Digital Content Ratings.

Creative Strategy:

NowThis Money was created as a finance and economic literacy channel for millennials on Facebook and Instagram. The partnership between the two companies provided informative and accessible content catered towards young people and their financial independence. Rather than solely driving consumers to an owned and operated web destination, Chase created a new channel dedicated to reaching consumers on the social channels where they were active.

After evaluating leading trends in the financial sector, and cross-referencing with key learnings from previously successful NowThis content initiatives, NowThis and Chase to established an educational and conversational approach to issues surrounding money, debt, saving, investing, career, and entrepreneurship, as well as how millennials fit into the overall economy.


Overall Campaign Execution:

NowThis Money sought to demystify finance and money for consumers to get them ready for key life stages. In order to do this, several key topical groupings were created to ensure content was effective for the Chase consumer while also adhering to NowThis’ cross-platform, social-first approach.

Chase and NowThis created more than 300 co-branded videos across various lines of business including, but not limited to, Chase Employer Brand, Slate Credit Card, Chase Pay, Commercial Bank, Auto Finance, Sapphire Credit Card, and Chase Mortgage.

Mobile Execution:

NowThis is the go-to news destination for young people on social media and 90 percent of its audience comes from mobile. Accordingly, 91 percent of the $4.5 million campaign budget went to mobile.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The social content creation prowess of NowThis, together with Chase’s financial insight and credibility, helped make NowThis Money the social publisher’s fastest growing channel ever:

  • 75 million monthly video views
  • 153 million monthly impressions
  • 2 million social engagements
  • More than 7,000 hours of NowThis Money content consumed
  • Increase of 50,000 followers per month since launching, with nearly 550,000 followers across the NowThis Money Facebook and Instagram channels.

Chase ran an ad effectiveness study across the campaign to measure brand recall, favorability, and consideration intent for Chase products:

  • 34 percent lift in brand recall, three times the average for financial service brands
  • 11 percent lift in brand favorability, eight times the average for financial service brands
  • 9 percent lift in consideration intent for Chase products, nine times the average for financial service brands

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