Buavita: Buavita “Real-Time” Shield


Campaign Summary

Buavita is a local juice brand with 35 years of history. Over the years, other juice competitors with bigger budgets have claimed to use real juice as well, thereby diluting the strength of Buavita as an established brand.

This perception started dragging down Buavita’s performance progressively to the point of sales losses. The brand needed to reinforce its strengths and emphasize how the product has natural vitamins that helps people be healthier.

Buavita needed to build back positive brand awareness and deliver benefits to consumers. The brand sought to intensify guava notes among its orange flavors, and to persuade moms to choose Buavita Guava, as the juice provides three times more vitamin C versus orange flavors.


Objective and Context:

Buavita’s target audience for the campaign were moms in Indonesia who strive to prepare their families for a better today and tomorrow. Generally, Indonesian moms want to shield their families from illnesses like common colds and the flu, which are prevented with regular intake of vitamin C. Moms look for the highest vitamin C content, which is often found in orange juice or fresh fruits, particularly during windy and rainy season.

Due to climate change, as pointed out by Buavita, there have been shifting weather patterns, leading to extremes in weather — for instance, the rainy season has had abnormally high rainfall, which affects the human body’s immunity. In addition, the topography of Jakarta is such that 40 percent of the land is below sea level, so if it rains incessantly, flooding is the norm regardless of location. This exacerbates all disease-related affects relating to continuous rain.

Target Audience:

Buavita used the anticipated news coverage around Tropical Cyclone Cebille as an opportunity to emphasize its brand superiority. Rainfall was predicted to be extreme, and from January to February, Indonesia was predicted to have a full 59 days of rainfall.

The aim for the brand was to connect with moms by presenting Buavita Guava’s trustworthiness as the real-juice brand with high levels of vitamin C that helps boost immunity. The company provided moms with information about weather changes in conjunction with nutrition information. This way, moms could be one step ahead to protect their families.

Mobile strategies allowed Buavita to interact more often with its consumer base. With more than 80 percent mobile penetration and mobile gaming growing at 30 percent among the audience, this provided an opportunity to make a connection.

The company took this concept to the next level by combining dynamic creative with weather targeting. This meant that areas of the city that were going to receive rainfall were activated in real-time, which was the focus of the Buavita Real-Time Shield mobile game. The main goal became to inform moms about how to respond health challenges brought in by persistent and extended rains.

Creative Strategy:

Buavita took advantage of social media and mobile platforms that moms could use to get information regarding weather conditions. In addition, the campaign provided information on how to prevent infection. Through gaming, the company increased brand favorability in a light-hearted, fun, engaging way.


Overall Campaign Execution:

For this campaign to work in the most efficient way possible, mobile had to be at its very heart. On mobile, the company leveraged dynamic creative optimization technology, allowing multiple real-time alerts based on weather pattern changes, during sunny and rainy weather. Targeting messages through creative interactive mobile banner displays encouraged a mini-game participation that drove brand awareness.


To raise awareness and create engagement, the Buavita Real-Time Shield mobile game banner was created to garner physical interactions from moms to play the game via mobile.

  • The company created Ibu Vita as the main character to personify the product, and the character’s umbrella was used as the shield for body immunity.
  • Users would click the button to shield Ibu Vita with the umbrella.
  • In the end, the company gave information to moms about the best preventative measures for their family with Buavita Guava.

Weather targeting helped Buavita give weather information, focusing on real concerns. The game also linked to social media, so moms could simply share information with their peers.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign improved brand association on nourishment and wellness for the whole family, and increased brand favorability by 5 percent. In seven weeks, Buavita reached 68 percent of its target audience during the campaign period. This showed that the mobile banner was highly engaging for its users and was a good indication of the connection that Buavita had built with moms.

Most importantly, this campaign was able to encourage families to stay healthy in an easy way — by consuming the real fruit in Buavita Guava.

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