PermataBank: #CountMEIn


Campaign Summary

PermataBank wanted to tap into the millennial market and encourage younger generations to start savings plans. To do this, the company launched a campaign highlighting a savings plan targeted at younger generations in Indonesia. The goal was initially seen as a risky move, since almost half of today’s Indonesian millennials reportedly have no savings at all, according to the company.


Objective and Context:

Indonesian millennials are known to have a vibrant and consumptive lifestyle where they spend time hanging out with their friends often, shop online, and largely interact and consume media through mobile devices. The company strategized its campaign to target mobile millennial audiences.

Target Audience:

PermataBank’s goal was to promote the idea that having a savings account is indeed cool, and have younger generations associate the brand with a hip lifestyle. Since music and lyrics are a powerful tool to persuade and inspire younger generations, the campaign utilized an influential DJ.

Creative Strategy:

PermataBank was considered a family banking service, but wanted to broaden its audience by launching a product specifically targeting urban millennials. To engage younger generations, the company instilled the idea that having saving habits is actually cool.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Through a collaboration with Dipha Barus, a famous DJ, the company instilled the message that it’s possible to enjoy life while being smart with money. The company created its campaign, “Money Honey #CountMEin,” to address this. The song and music video was posted on various media channels, such as Spotify, YouTube, and LINE Today.


PermataBank used its official company account to collaborate with LINE Today to spread the message to broader audiences.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

During the first three months of the campaign, more than 58,000 PermataME accounts were acquired, which surpassed the company’s goal end-of-year goal by 50 percent.

The #CountMEIn campaign has received more than 31 billion engagements in PR value, and still continuously gains free radio airplay. The music video reached more than 750,000 organic views on YouTube and more than 800,000 organic views on LINE Today.

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