Méliuz: Engaging App’s Users Through a Location-Based Strategy


Campaign Summary

Few things are better than saving money. Méliuz, a cash-back marketplace where consumers can earn money while shopping at their favorite stores, currently offers the biggest cash-back platform in Brazil. How does it work? The app’s users receive a percentage of the money they spend while shopping at Méliuz’s affiliate stores.

During its 2018 campaign, Méliuz’s main objective was to engage its users during shopping experiences at its affiliate supermarkets by displaying the best offers with geo-targeted push notifications. The discount was effective in over 20 locations in Brazil; every time consumers stepped into an affiliated supermarket, push notifications were sent to their smartphones with information about which products offered cash back, ranging from 20 to 50 percent off.


Objective and Context:

Using indoor location technology to target Méliuz’s app users during a visit to an affiliated supermarket allowed people to make more strategic choices. Offering the best cash-back conditions was a powerful strategy to drive engagement with the company’s app.

Target Audience:

The campaign’s main point was the creative use of data. Raw location data about a user’s habits is not valuable if a company cannot extract insights about the target. Méliuz learned that push notifications are a powerful resource for consumers; brands are able to reach people even though the app isn’t open, which allows consumers to plan their shopping experience.

Creative Strategy:

Even though Méliuz had already used push notifications as a strategy to engage its audience in prior campaigns, the cash-back platform gave consumers a reason to shop at affiliated stores.


Overall Campaign Execution:

When users arrived at a physical store, push notifications were delivered to their smartphones. After tapping it, the app redirected users to a screen with information about which products were offering more cash back.

The campaign ran on In Loco Engage, a platform developed by agency In Loco for nurturing the relationship between users and apps. This platform allows app developers to either leverage its location database or upload the addresses of the stores to create the push notification text.


Mobile was the core of the strategy of the campaign. The indoor location technology used Wi-Fi, the accelerometer, and the magnetometer to create targeted push notifications.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The company partnered with In Loco Engage to utilize location intelligence. Since there aren’t many geo-targeted app engagement campaigns running in Brazil, this campaign set the company apart and opened up new possibilities for the Brazilian app development market.

The campaign achieved great results. According to Accengage’s “Push Notification Benchmark 2017,” the average mobile app push notification reaction rate is of 8.4 percent. Using one of the world’s most advanced indoor location technologies, Méliuz’s campaign reached a 19.3 percent push notification reaction rate, more than double of the global benchmark.

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