Wall’s: An Election of a Lifetime


Campaign Summary

Wall’s staged an ice cream election through a mobile app that allowed consumers to vote on their favorite Wall’s brands.


Objective and Context:

Piggybacking on the excitement surrounding Indonesia’s upcoming election, Wall’s ice cream staged a promotional election of its own — this one to determine which of its brands was the most popular. Each brand had a mascot who led the “electoral” campaign on its behalf. A gaming app and social media helped to engage millennials with the promotion, and Wall’s posted updated tallies to evoke real-time election returns and stimulate online conversations.

Target Audience:

Wall’s target audience was millennials whose excitement at being first-time voters was stoked by the upcoming elections.

Creative Strategy:

Wall’s laid out a plan in which it would announce the ice cream elections through social media, with paid support, and then use a gaming app to encourage sharing and engagement over a two-month period.


Overall Campaign Execution:

In the campaign’s first phase, consumers received an invitation to participate through mobile display and social media. In the second phase, ads on Wall’s mobile gaming app promoted awareness of the ice cream election. In the third phase, Wall’s opened the polls, driving participation with creative material such as its Talking Ice Cream ads. In the final phase, Wall’s announced the winning ice cream and encouraged consumers to try it.

Mobile Execution:

Wall’s drove awareness and engagement by marketing through mobile display and through its mobile gaming app, which allowed consumers to cast their votes.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Wall’s ice cream election produced 11 million engagements and coincided with a 0.9 percent increase in sales.

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