L’oréal Paris: Magic Retouch — Making the Elder Proud


Campaign Summary

L’Oréal Paris wanted to make its Magic Retouch the most popular hair dye in China, particularly for women over age 40. L’Oréal typically targets millennials; however, for Magic Retouch, the challenge was to target older generations.


Objective and Context:

The campaign’s challenge was to engage women over age 40 who may not want to try new brands and products. According to data provided by L’Oréal, older women have the highest loyalty to brands and products, as 20 percent of them claim they hardly consider trying new brands. In addition, 41.9 percent of older women state that advertisement has very little effect on their purchase decision, while 22.7 percent of them say that it has no effect at all.

Target Audience:

When talking about older women in China, many people think about line dancing. Every night, women gather in parks to dance along to popular songs while being choreographed by a lead dancer.

According to 36Kr, line dancing is the most popular evening pastime among older women, as 100 billion older Chinese women named it as their favorite leisure activity.

Creative Strategy:

L’Oréal Paris aimed to support older women and their passions so they felt seen and heard, and to make their interests fashionable to all.


Overall Campaign Execution:

L’Oréal Paris hosted a large line-dancing competition in Nanjing to create a memorable experience for the target demographic. To reach and captivate its audience, the company turned to Tangdou, China’s top mobile app for line dancing with over one million daily users.

In addition, L’Oréal Paris designed a series of dance training videos when it announced the line-dancing competition. People could then create an audition video to register. In the end, 1,027 teams registered, reaching 12,868 women in Nanjing.

L’Oréal Paris gave out Magic Retouch samples during the competition, and participants loved them. Almost of all of the participants shared their experiences and products on their social media accounts voluntarily. Furthermore, the company highlighted the beauty and confidence of older women who don’t always have a large platform to do so.

Competition videos on Tangdou gathered 2.2 million views all over China. The videos were also live-streamed on Mocha, one of China’s most popular mobile beauty apps; the videos garnered 6.35 million views and reposts from eight major media platforms.

Mobile Execution:

The campaign leveraged mobile marketing through the social media component and live-streamed videos. Tangdou and Mocha are both mobile video apps with social media features, which were the primary focus and source of the campaign.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

By putting the dance videos on popular video apps, the company garnered buzz and interest for the campaign and provided inspiration for women across China. June sales volume increased 213 percent compared to the previous year, and hair dye became the second largest SKU in the entire hair care category.

Categories: | Industries: | Objectives: Brand Awareness, Cross Mobile Integration, Cross-Media, Lead Generation/DR/Conversion, Mobile Payments/Commerce | Awards: Global Finalist

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