Target Media: The Commuter Mini Game


Campaign Summary

To promote the film The Commuter, Target Media developed a mobile game that featured the likeness of the film’s star, Liam Neeson, and invited players to navigate him through a heavily guarded train.


Objective and Context:

The objective of Target Media’s campaign was to excite young-adult and millennial audiences about the release of The Commuter and ultimately drive traffic to point-of-ticket purchase. The brand worked to deliver an entertaining mini game experience, utilizing film assets and locations and starring actor likenesses. The campaign was repeated for the home entertainment launch of The Commuter.

Target Audience:

The target audience for this campaign was 16- to 35-year-olds in the U.K.

Creative Strategy:

The brand sought to engage its target audience with an innovative, rich media format that incorporated elements of The Commuter into a mini mobile game.


Overall Campaign Execution:

This campaign enabled the brand to reach its target audience with an engaging mini-game format that behaved more like entertainment than an advertisement.

Mobile Execution:

The young-adult and millennial audiences that the brand was targeting spent the majority of their media time on mobile devices. To appeal to these consumers, Target Media developed a campaign that showcased the film in a manner that allowed them to engage with it through the swipe and tap interactions that were second nature to mobile-first millennials.

The brand’s mini-game ad unit utilized an interior train scene from the film, and invited the audience to swipe left or right to make actor Liam Neeson avoid guards as he tried to reach the end of the train. The gameplay was designed around a 30-second loop, which could be replayed to reach a higher score. Users could also access additional information about the film and buy tickets, or, after the film’s home release, buy the DVD.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Target Media’s campaign delivered over 890,000 completed gameplays and more than 14,000 click-throughs. By the end of the campaign, over 575,000 minutes of gameplay had been logged.

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