: The Digital Dragon Dance


Campaign Summary

Pepsi wanted to grab the attention and wallet share of its customers during Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. This festive season is crowded with advertising messages, so to break through and truly connect with customers, Pepsi created an interactive, mobile-first experience that delivered strong results.


Objective and Context:

Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, is Vietnam’s most celebrated seasonal festival. Similar to Christmas in Western societies, Tet is a prime time to boost sales and build brand affinity. Pepsi wanted to take advantage of this occasion to attract consumer attention.

The specific business objective of the campaign was to increase sales volume by 0.5 percent during the holiday season. The communication objectives were to become a top-of-mind brand and to be rated among the best Tet ads. Pepsi was challenged to break through the saturated advertising marketing during the holiday.

Target Audience:

The primary target audience was 15- to 24-year-old Vietnamese people who were engaging more with their digital connections and less with their families during Tet. Pepsi’s “bullseye” customers were 18-year-olds. This demographic is defined by their use of digital media, which is tied to almost all aspects of their lives.

Creative Strategy:

Pepsi’s creative strategy began with insights. The brand knew that its target audience spends most of their time on mobile phones. They are spending less time creating happy memories and engaging with family members, even during the family-centric holiday of Tet. Additionally, Vietnamese youth are tech-savvy and stay up to date on trends.

Pepsi would connect with its target through their most-used commodity, their mobile phones, to address their lack of family engagement and to champion re-connection. The campaign titled “Open Pepsi, Open Tet” became the catalyst that helped reconnect families and friends during Tet.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Smartphones have a reputation for being distracting, but Pepsi created a mobile-first customer experience that brought families together. The brand took a Tet tradition called Mua Lan, or the dragon dance, and digitized it. The interactive video was accessible through a microsite. Once on the site, users could then place their phones side  by side and watch a video of the dancing dragon move across their mobile screens.

The brand created an online video demonstrating how a disconnected family reconnected thanks to the dancing dragon video. Interest was generated by live-streaming a group of influencers watching the dragon dance.

Mobile Execution: Pepsi developed a mobile-first platform on PepsiLan.com. Between three and nine users could log into the site and then place their smartphones in a row. After following prompts, the users would simultaneously press play to watch a digitized dragon dance from phone to phone, jumping between the devices for a minute and a half. The final message would appear wishing the viewers an amazing Tet.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign exceeded its objectives. The sales goals were significantly surpassed. The mobile microsite welcomed 211,351 sessions from 166,072 visitors in total, which generated more than 1,700,000 page views.

On average, site visitors stayed for two and a half minutes. Overall bounce rate of the site was 2 percent. Traffic was sourced primarily through referrals from Facebook, Zalo (local WhatsApp), YouTube Ads, and consumer-generated posts.

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