Tyson: Tyson Game Day


Campaign Summary

In previous years, the “Tyson Game Day” initiative focused on integration with sporting events, mainly the Super Bowl and March Madness. Tyson learned that digital was the top channel for driving sales volume for Any’tizers and Crispy Strips, and in 2018, the brand approached the campaign from a new perspective, teaming with online gaming platform Twitch.


Objective and Context:

In 2017, Tyson partnered with livestreaming video platform Twitch to increase household penetration and unit sales for Any’tizers and Crispy Strip products. The brand wanted to reach consumers who weren’t considering Tyson products when planning a party or entertaining occasions. In addition to integrating the brand into gaming community, Tyson also wanted to reach consumers at moments of engagement with live sports, particularly through mobile content and messaging. The campaign’s primary objective was driving unique engagements. 

Target Audience:

The “Tyson Game Day” campaign targeted sports enthusiasts, adults 25 to 54, skewing more male. The brand also layered competitive sales data to reach consumers who were buying game day snacks from other brands, such as Totino’s Pizza Rolls, TGIFridays frozen products, Bagel Bites and Hot Pockets.

Creative Strategy:

Tyson partnered with Twitch, which ranks second behind Netflix in terms of total minutes watched per viewer on a streaming video platform. Twitch provided a contextually relevant environment for the brand to showcase its products, and research showed that 86 percent of gamers snacked while on the platform. Popular influencers on Twitch were utilized to drive consumer engagement through branded content and sponsored “Tyson Snack Breaks” during live stream events.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Leveraging Twitch’s Amazon partnership, the brand retargeted consumers who had interacted with Tyson Game Day messaging with a link to a product on Amazon, driving to purchase. Branded video assets drove streamers on Twitch to Tyson-sponsored livestream events.

Mobile Execution:

The Tyson Game Day campaign provided an immersive experience for consumers who were moving away from traditional TV and consuming more entertainment content online. Twitch’s technology allows gamers on all platforms to be viewers, broadcasters, and social participants. It also allowed the brand to reach its consumers throughout the day, extending reach via mobile and new dayparts. With traditional live TV, consumers must tune in from their home, whereas Twitch’s platform provides a place for consumers to stream content while on the go or via second screen while at home. Furthermore, traditional TV has dedicated times for sports programming, while Twitch is a 24/7 platform.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The Tyson Game Day campaign not only provided the brand with new learnings in the e-gaming category, but it delivered above expectations. The three influencers that took part in the campaign drove nearly a million combined views to the sponsored livestreams, and increased purchase intent by an average of 50 percent. A brand study revealed further successful outcomes: 85 percent of respondents recalled Tyson Any’tizers and Crispy Strips messaging from the broadcasts, while 38 percent of respondents said they were likely to watch more content like the Tyson streams.

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