Forevermark: Forevermark Chatbot


Campaign Summary

Research indicated to Forevermark that shoppers increasingly expected to be able to be able to interact with businesses through messaging services. To not only satisfy this expectation, but to capitalize on it, the brand created a chatbot that engaged with shoppers online to help them make their jewelry selections and then find local stores to make their purchases.


Objective and Context:

As part of its holiday and Valentine’s Day gifting campaigns, luxury diamond brand Forevermark sought to drive consideration of the brand’s new product launch, The Forevermark Tribute Collection, and also to encourage discoveries of local brick-and-mortar jewelers. To help achieve these goals, Forevermark developed a chatbot to assist jewelry shoppers. The brand’s KPIs for the initiative were focused on engagements (including direct interactions with the brand and product recommendations), shoppers’ discoveries of local jewelers, and, ultimately, consumers driven in-store.

Target Audience:

Forevermark targeted two groups as its key audiences:

  • Affluent male holiday gift-givers, who viewed jewelry as way to show their love and who valued both guidance with gift-selection and convenience
  • Women exploring jewelry options so as to drop more specific hints to the significant others who were shopping for them

Creative Strategy:

Forevermark designed its marketing approaches to reflect each target’s extensive use of social and messaging channels. Forevermark knew that, across the board, people want to message with businesses to streamline their lives. According to Facebook:

  • 63 percent of people say that their use of messaging to interact with businesses has increased over the past two years.
  • 55 percent of people say that messaging with businesses makes them feel that they can trust the business.

Informed by these insights, the brand developed the Forevermark Personal Shopper, a chatbot in Facebook Messenger that provided users with tailored gift recommendations, as well as directions to the nearest local jeweler to facilitate in-store purchases.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Forevermark initially launched the chatbot during the holiday season with the support of a male-targeted social media campaign driven by in-feed assets across Facebook and Messenger placements. Recognizing that men trust the advice of other men, Forevermark also enlisted eight male-interest influencers to further promote the chatbot experience — an initiative that generated referrals that were responsible for 75 percent of male-user acquisitions.

Over time, Forevermark found that women were gravitating to the chatbot organically, surpassing male engagement by an exponential factor. Encouraged by this data, the brand developed a Valentine’s Day campaign for an audience that included women. For these female users, the chatbot acted as a product recommendation guide that prompted them to explore Forevermark’s new collection, customized product recommendations, and identified local jewelers towards whom they could point purchasers.

Mobile Execution:

Across both campaigns, Forevermark allocated 98 percent of its budget for marketing on mobile channels, where members of its audience were most likely to be in a “messenger mindset.”

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Forevermark’s chatbot drove engagements, product recommendations, and discovery of local jewelers for its key targets. Over the period from the holiday campaign to the Valentine’s Day campaign, the brand achieved impressive results.

  • Total new users increased by 779 percent.
  • Total chatbot engagements increased by 829 percent.
  • Total product recommendations increased by 2,900 percent.
  • 17 percent of users accessed the chatbot multiple times to get multiple product recommendations.

Additional findings suggested that these clicks translated into brick-and-mortar visits. Forevermark saw that 49 percent of users went on to find the location of their nearest authorized jeweler and that sales of the Forevermark Tribute Collection increased by 38 percent during the fourth quarter.

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