Pepsodent White: Pepsodent Nightbrushing via Storytelling


Campaign Summary

In Indonesia, Pepsodent is a household name where everyone swears by the brand. The brand has become one of the most trusted toothpastes in Indonesia. Like in most of countries, cavities still become the main issue of Indonesian oral health. What was observed that most Indonesians only brush once a day in the morning. This is why Pepsodent wanted to take the responsibility to instill good oral hygiene habits by encouraging night brushing before going to bed. Not only will it help to accomplish Pepsodent’s mission to instill healthy dental care, but it will also lead to an increased consumption that will drive the business growth of Pepsodent as the market leader in toothpaste category.


Objective and Context:

Pepsodent targeted moms with kids under 10 years old, as the company knew moms like to instill good habits in children. When it comes to oral care, however, moms believe cavities happen among kids who are consistently enjoying sugary rich candy, soft drinks, snacks, and confectionary. It is already a massive challenge for moms to get kids to brush in the morning; the challenge is even doubled when it comes to night brushing.

Since the company understand that children love cartoons, love stories, and are often seen enjoying it on their mothers’ mobile phone. The company then looked at an opportunity to bridge mothers and children’s needs through a mobile platform with an interesting and engaging activity.

Target Audience:

The creative strategy centered on storytelling, utilizing chatbot technology. Pepsodent created an original series of 21 storytelling sessions across 21 days which would automatically sustain good brushing habits. The company created original characters, Mama Sigi and Pepo, to provide a delightful engaging adventure stories, which had simple ways to teach brushing and instill good habits.

The company connected with moms who are on Facebook Messenger and converted the platform into a chatbot platform for sharing 21 stories in 21 days. The program that was developed on the chatbot maintains and provides a story illustrating how kids can have fun brushing their teeth at night.

Creative Strategy:

This was the first time the company took a very brave approach to changing healthcare habits. By creating a series of 21 stories and engaging via Facebook chatbot, Pepsodent managed to engage with moms and children in a seamless way.


Overall Campaign Execution:

With Facebook being the most preferred social media platform for the brand’s target audience, Pepsodent chose to leverage an untapped opportunity to personalize the communication for over 21 days. The company designed a chatbot to interact with moms in a seamless manner.

In addition, the toothpaste brand created TV ads with famous celebrities to show consumers how easy it is to access the brand’s content through mobile phone.


Mobile was the key channel that enabled Pepsodent to engage moms with their kids for this campaign. Facebook chatbots brought in a refreshing dimension to connect and personalize Pepsodent’s messaging by using original characters that also created brand assets that can drive continuity to connect for all future communications.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

In the past, nighttime brushing campaigns only used traditional media as a main medium. The campaign generated more than 90 million impressions, and are being accessed easily through mobile. Pepsodent managed to increase unaided awareness for the brand; before the campaign the average brand awareness was at 77 percent, whereas after, awareness increased to 81 percent.

As for the Petualangan Mama Sigi and Pepo storylines, the company garnered 788,000 total message exchanges, with six minutes as the average conversation duration of conversation, and a 92.6 percent retention.

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