OLX: OLX Vogon


Campaign Summary

The OLX Vogon campaign’s objective was to generate awareness for the new OLX app, which is a more efficient and hyper-local app to help people trade, buy, and sell. The campaign played a huge role in the amplification phase, focusing on directly inviting the audience to try out the new OLX app. More specifically, OLX wanted to increase views and app downloads. The results of the campaign were measured through awareness, reach, and app downloads.

OLX needed to further reach the youth and female audience segments for growth opportunities. Given the wide swathe of product categories that would cater to this audience segment, minute adjustments needed to be made to target this demographic.

As such, OLX remodeled its app to create a hyper local functionality allowing users to see all the nearby deals, making it as easy as possible to trade, buy, and sell. This had a dual aim: to simplify selling of items the target market no longer needed and to persuade them to buy cheaper pre-loved goods.

The challenge for this campaign was to trigger two opposite consumer actions: inspire a variety of people with different needs and interests and to connect to OLX to fulfill their different needs.


Objective and Context:

As the major classified ads platform in Indonesia, 20.1 million unique users visit the OLX website on a monthly basis. When OLX won the account, the highest selling categories were cars, gadgets, real estate, and motorcycles, while the potential for growth was rising in fashion, baby products, and sports showing opportunities in the youth and female audience segments.

Regarding consumer insights, OLX found that online video consumption was high among the target audience, but this was not necessarily a positive as they also tune out whenever the content is not relevant to them, so the bar for attention-worthy content is very high and brands need to work harder than ever to stand out.

Target Audience:

OLX had to let go of its assumptions of the target audience to understand their true needs. Using Google’s internal tools, and with the help of OLX’s Google partners, the company dug into a huge amount of data on consumers’ YouTube viewing habits. From these data, OLX created narratives that allowed the company to develop a video campaign and customize it further. OLX found crucial and indicative data for women and younger audiences and their specific media consumption habits.

In addition, OLX needed a platform that would make the delivery of these video ads easier, as well as to show video ads of baking tools for sale on when a target user is watching a baking video on YouTube, for instance. This needed to do this automatically and seamlessly, on a wide scale, to be successful.

Creative Strategy:

Vogon is a third-party creative marketplace, a tool that allows a new approach for dynamic video creation. It allows marketers to create content at scale even with time and budget constraints, which is why it is increasingly being used to create increasingly robust and creative campaigns. Vogon allowed us to serve dynamic ad creative based on various audience signals, serving the appropriate contextual message at the exact micro moment. OLX plugged in 150 video variants and 87 ad groups into the platform within just 10 days, ahead of the scheduled launch date. The interface then automatically embed different texts and overlays on the base video when needed, creating thousands of variations for each micro-moment the company would try to target. These automatically created hyper-targeted video ad variations synced with OLX’s Ad Words, creating an end-to-end campaign.

The OLX campaign is one of the first to use Vogon technology in South East Asia's marketplace, and was the first to use it in Indonesia in such a hyper-targeted way to not just increase awareness but push app downloads and acquire buyers and sellers on the OLX app.


Overall Campaign Execution:

OLX helps more than 20 million people buy and sell second-hand goods every month. To keep growing, it must continuously inspire users to buy new things at affordable prices at OLX and to sell the things consumers don’t need. While cars, gadgets, property, and motorcycles are its largest categories, OLX saw huge opportunities in further engaging their youth and female audience segments to grow categories like fashion, baby products, and sports. Because more and more Indonesians are consuming internet on mobile, OLX decided to launch its new mobile apps to simplify the consumer experience.

With the launch, came the media challenge on how to reach the target audience effectively to get them aware and install the apps.


The new APP launched by OLX was a mobile APP, naturally, all our efforts where aimed at mobile, OLX targeted potential customers while they were on the go with ads on Youtube, and Facebook. The ads lead the users to the APP Download page. The campaign was successful because smartphone usuage in the country hoovers around 50 percent. This means that 103.5 million people in Indonesia own a smartphone, equivalent to 37.5 percent of the entire population. Because the most popular smartphone operating system in Indonesia is Android, the company concentrated 60 percent of its efforts on Android systems.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Before the Vogon campaign, OLX would usually deliver a view rate of 25 percent. After the OLX Vogon campaign, OLX delivered a view rate of 90 percent, which was the highest ever for the company. OLX also saw a brand awareness lift of 5.3 percent, an achievement that was amazing given the time frame.

In addition, Vogon gained the highest number of views, with 16.5 million views. Before the Vogon campaign, OLX would record a 0.38 percent click-to-download rate, while afterwards, the click-to-download grew to 11 percent; in total OLX garnered more than 109,000 downloads. Besides the click-to-download rate, OLX also saw a significant increment in terms of organic downloads volume, up by 16 percent compared to the previous month.

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