Impractical Jokers: Impractical Jokers Surprise and Delight


Campaign Summary

truTV’s highest-rated and most time-shifted series was Impractical Jokers, a hidden-camera reality show in which four longtime friends competed to embarrass each other through a series of dares. The show’s seventh season was launched on Thursday, July 13, 2018, with a one-hour episode filmed in Hawaii. Marketers developed a promotion to connect with fans of the show in their homes through social media. On the night of the premiere, the “Jokers” surprised fans by sending them Hawaiian pizzas. Fans were encouraged to tweet @truTVjokers with the hashtag #JokersGiveaway to win a free pizza delivery.


Objective and Context:

truTV recognized the time-shifting behavior of Impractical Jokers fans and would create a must-watch live event and promotion to entice them to break their viewing habits to watch live TV.

Target Audience:

Fans of Impractical Jokers were primarily between the ages of 18 and 34 and lived in A counties (U.S. counties located in one of the 25 largest cities with more than 20,000 households) and B counties (counties that don’t qualify as A counties and have a population of at least 150,000). They were also mobile-centric media consumers who were highly engaged with social media.

Creative Strategy:

Getting fans to watch live TV would require doing something special, and fans had come to expect the Jokers to bring an unexpected live element to big series events.  When truTV’s marketers wanted to do this for the premiere of Impractical Jokers’ seventh season, they turned to pizza bribery.


Overall Campaign Execution:

To celebrate the launch of the new season and engage fans on the night of the premiere, the Jokers surprised their fans by sending Hawaiian pizzas to them. Fans were asked to tweet @truTVjokers using the hashtags #JokersGiveaway and #ImpracticalJokers and the pineapple emoji for a chance to win a free pizza delivery.

Mobile Execution:

This promotion was 100 percent reliant on mobile media: it was live (only lasted seven hours on premiere night), location dependent (entry restricted to eligible locations within pizza delivery distance), and primed for spontaneous and interactive engagement (tweet hashtag and emoji). Every element of this promotion was designed to drive users to grab their phones while staying near their TVs.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

  • The #JokersGiveaway hashtag received 19,700 tweets from 6,400 participating fans with a collective reach of almost 2 million unique impressions.
  • Pizzas were delivered to 3,000 fans, and 169 users posted their own Hawaiian pizza selfies.
  • 3,100 fan engagements was strong for a promotion that only lasted a few hours.
  • The #JokersGiveaway hashtag became a top trend on Twitter and also trended that night in 23 cities across the county.
  • The supporting microsite received 177,000 page views and led to 5,500 sign-ups.
  • The premiere night live rating for the target demographic was 20 percent above the rating for the premier of the prior season.
  • Total social media followers were over 4 million across all social media as of July.
  • According to Nielsen Social Ratings, the show was the no. 1 Cable Primetime Comedy and reached the no. 3 spot for All Cable Primetime (excluding news and sports).
  • Facebook received 16 million impressions, 15 million organic impressions, and 1 million video views.
  • Twitter received 1 million impressions and 1 million organic impressions.

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