DANCOW Advanced Excelnutri+: DANCOW Advanced Excelnutri+ “Iya Boleh 2.0”


Campaign Summary

Milk brand DANCOW has been experiencing flat growth in Indonesia, and the brand wanted to become the milk brand of choice among Indonesian moms to boost these numbers. DANCOW launched a holistic marketing campaign for its latest product, DANCOW Advanced Excelnutri+. The campaign targeted new moms, and it featured an interactive mobile video to reassure the target audience that milk provides important nutrients that keep children healthy.


Objective and Context:

Nestle introduced an improved version of its DANCOW line of products called DANCOW Advanced Excelnutri+. This enhanced product had benefits including protection from illness, brain development, and physical growth.

Sales growth had been flat for DANCOW, so the brand created the #IyaBoleh (Yes, it is ok!) campaign to make DANCOW the brand of choice in the growing up milk (GUM) category in the Indonesian market.

Target Audience:

DANCOW #IyaBoleh targeted millennial Indonesian mothers between the ages 20-40 years. These women have children between the ages of one and five, and they are mobile savvy. Because these moms are young and may be caring for their first child, they have a tendency to be insecure about their parenting skills and as a result, overly protective. These moms may prevent their children from getting exposed to dirt and bacteria by limiting where and how the kids play.

Creative Strategy:

DANCOW would create a holistic campaign that included traditional media, social media, digital elements, experiential tactics, and PR. The brand would also include the latest innovation in mobile video technology. The campaign’s messaging would encourage young mothers to allow their kids to play outside, get dirty, and explore. The mothers could take comfort knowing their children would be healthy because of DANCOW’s nutrient-rich product.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The #IyaBoleh campaign was designed to educate the market, provide parenting tips, deliver experiential events, and provide venues where moms can put what they have learned into practice.

#IyaBoleh tapped various multi-media platforms, including traditional TV, print and radio ads, which were complemented with strategic digital ads on social media. A special TV-segment featured in the popular show, Mamakuhits, educated mothers on the benefits of the new advanced formula of DANCOW. Consumers were encouraged to use the hashtag #IyaBoleh to extend the campaign’s reach.

Mobile Execution:

Mobile was a major component of the #IyaBoleh campaign. DANCOW created an interactive mobile video ad to drive engagement. The creative incentivized consumers to watch the video and perform specific actions such as touching, tapping, or swiping the screen. The mobile experience complemented the other media elements of the campaign mix and used an experiential approach to educate mothers on the benefits of DANCOW.

The video played a series of vignettes where a child would ask her mom if she could play with a kitten, play outside, or finger paint. Each time, the user was instructed to use their fingers to clear away the germs or dirt that had appeared on the screen. Once the action was complete, the mother would say, “Iya Boleh!” feeling confident that her child is protected with the right nutrition from DANCOW.

The end of the video led users to a page with buttons for consumers to learn more or to purchase the product.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign successfully achieved its main objective: to be Indonesia’s brand of choice in the GUM category. Sales increased by 19 percent, and there were increases in both brand consideration and purchase intent. Message recall was 63 percent, 24 percent above industry benchmarks.

The interactive video generated 74 percent engagement. This grossly surpassed the industry benchmark of 1 percent. The video garnered a 65 percent completion rate which is two times the industry standard.

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