Instituto AzMina: More than 70%

Campaign Summary

Instituto AzMina wanted to bring attention to the gender pay gap in Brazil in a way that would break through a cluttered media landscape and grab consumers’ attention. The brand partnered with three of Brazil’s most popular women singers to deliver an interruptive, eye-opening experience: across digital song-streaming platforms, songs of the three artists stopped after 70 percent had been played. The remaining 30 percent of time was used to educate listeners about the gender pay gap, and drive them to a website where they could join the protest of this unfair practice.


Objective and Context:

In Brazil, women still earn, on average, only 70% of what men earn in the job market, and many of them are unaware of that fact. Instituto AzMina found a way to let them know about the gender pay gap by using digital platforms.

Target Audience:

The campaign’s target audience was the general population of Brazil.

Creative Strategy:

The brand invited three of Brazil’s biggest female singers to protest against the gender wage gap by “donating” 30 percent of their songs’ playing times to send a message about unequal wages between men and women in the job market.


Overall Campaign Execution:

During the month of March, these artists' songs were played on various audiovisual platforms. Each song was reproduced normally, until it reached 70% of its play time, when it would stop.  After the silence, people could see and hear this message of protest: “The song stopped after playing 70 percent because women, on average, earn only 70 percent of what men make in comparable jobs. For this reason, this artist chose to use the 30% remaining of her song to protest, and to remind everyone that the gender wage gap still exists.” Listeners were then delivered a call to action to learn more and access AzMina.

Mobile Execution:

Twenty percent of the campaign’s overall budget was dedicated to mobile video and audio platforms.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign exceeded expectations:

  • 143,038 hours of music donated to the cause
  • 2,530,000 BRL in earned media
  • 17,437,025 impressions served

Most importantly, on March 23rd 2017, #MoreThan70 was added to the International Labor Organization’s agenda.

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