Zwitsal: Zwitsal Baby

Campaign Summary

Zwitsal knew that in order to grow its market share, the brand would have to go beyond communicating the benefits of its natural ingredients and form an emotional connection with its target audience. Working with Indonesia’s top “mommy influencers,” Zwitsal created a video series about heartwarming moments shared between a mother and her child in the baby’s first year. After moms were drawn in by the genuine, emotional content, the brand invited them to create their own special moment with their baby via a rich media ad unit that utilized augmented reality.


Objective and Context:

Children’s bathing and skin care brand Zwitsal’s brand mission is to strengthen the bonds between mothers and their children. As the lives of new mothers become increasingly fast-paced, Zwitsal wanted to help them slow down and enjoy a loving moment with their child. The brand developed a campaign to strengthen its emotional connection with consumers while also driving purchase intent for its shampoo and hair lotion products.

Target Audience:

The brand’s target audience was new mothers in Indonesia, specifically age 22 to 35. Geographically, Zwitsal focused on the densely populated capital city of Jakarta.

Creative Strategy:

Zwitsal partnered with the top five “mommy influencers” in Indonesia to create an emotionally-driven online video series on YouTube. The influencers shared stories of heartwarming moments with their children that happened before the baby’s first birthday. After showing mothers someone else’s moment, the brand invited consumers to create their own via a mobile rich ad unit.


Overall Campaign Execution:

After watching the video series about heartwarming moments between mothers and their children, consumers were served ads that used augmented reality technology to enable new mothers to create a heartwarming moment of their own. When the mother and her baby looked at the ad unit, they would see themselves surrounded by bath bubbles. Within each bubble was a natural ingredient used in Zwitsal’s products. When the bubbles burst, they revealed a coupon code for products.

Mobile Execution:

The rich mobile ad unit used the smartphone’s camera and gyroscope to create the personalized moment between mothers and their children. The coupon code delivered to consumers could be used on Lazada, a popular e-commerce website in Indonesia. This allowed the entire experience, from the video to the ad unit to purchase, to happen on mobile.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign delivered outperformed all expectations. The video series generated more than five million views on YouTube alone. More importantly, Zwitsal shampoo’s market share increased by 40 percent, establishing it as the market leader. The brand’s hair lotion saw a 150 percent rise in market share in a single month.

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