NESCAFÉ: Turn Your Home into a Café with NESCAFÉ

Campaign Summary

NESCAFÉ wanted to increase brand awareness among Turkish millennials by allowing them to enjoy the coffee flavors they loved from coffeehouse chains in the comfort of their homes. As part of the #Turnyourhomeintoacafe campaign, the brand launched the new White Choco Mocha flavor. Using Foursquare and Swarm’s location-based check-in data, its teams hand-delivered NESCAFÉ products directly to their homes.


Objective and Context:

Turkey’s coffee lovers were increasingly trying out different coffee products offered by coffeehouse chains. NESCAFÉ recognized this demand and added White Choco Mocha to its Mocha and Latte foaming product lines. The brand wanted to increase brand awareness, sales, and market share by providing consumers with the convenience of enjoying the flavors they loved in the comfort of their homes.

Target Audience:

NESCAFÉ’s target audience was young coffee lovers with limited time and budget. They were between 20 and 34 years old. Many were just out of university, followed trends, and loved experiencing new things. They were interested in increasing their quality of life, and they consumed coffee from coffeehouse chains at least once a week.

Creative Strategy:

The brand wanted to provide young coffee lovers with an experience that gave them the opportunities to socialize with friends and enjoy the coffee experience they usually had outside, but in the convenience and comfort of their homes. The brand used the Foursquare-Swarm platform to deliver this message.


Overall Campaign Execution:

This was the second campaign under the #Turnyourhomeintoacafe umbrella (which launched at the beginning of 2016). While the first campaign (which promoted the Latte and Mocha flavors) used the more conventional TV+VOD platforms, the launch of the White Choco Mocha delivered the brand’s message more directly through the platforms and technologies the target audience was already using (based on TGI and Live Panel data) and real contact with them. The decision was made to do this specifically in December when hot coffee consumption peaks.

Mobile Execution:

Mobile technology was crucial for reaching young, digitally-connected consumers because mobile had the highest reach and affinity for this audience. Thirty percent of the campaign’s digital budget went into the mobile project.

Using Foursquare and Swarm’s location-based check-in data, NESCAFÉ determined the areas in Istanbul that had the most check-ins. Collaborating with Swarm and Foursquare, the brand had teams carrying White Choco Mocha products in these areas. When consumers checked in at their homes, providing their address information, the teams went to their homes to hand-deliver flavored coffee products.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

By targeting the mobile apps that Turkish millennials used the most, NESCAFÉ was able to effectively reach its target audience. Its click-through rate benchmark for location-based Swarm ads was 0.92 percent, its media usage ended with a 1.30 percent click-through rate, and it reached a 42 percent uplift. #Turnyourhomeintoacafe became an organically trending topic on the first day Swarm communication began.

The campaign achieved its objectives and goals. Sales doubled, and volume increased more than expected. During the campaign period, the instant coffee/foaming category expanded 126 percent, of which 120 percent was the White Choco Mocha flavor.

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