PepsiCo: Mirinda: Release the Pressure

Campaign Summary

PepsiCo wanted to raise awareness about parental pressure on teenagers in India. It created a digital platform for teenagers to share their thoughts and encouraged parents to sign a pledge to stop pressuring and start listening to their kids. PepsiCo leveraged its soft drink brand Mirinda to release open letters from teens urging parents to take the pledge. The Release the Pressure campaign reached more than 154 million people and delivered nearly 650 million impressions.


Objective and Context:

For generations, teenagers in India have faced a slew of parental pressures. Such pressures have taken the form of rigid expectations, whether it be choosing a life partner or pursuing a career path. Even though teen ambitions had evolved, parental expectations still remain stuck in the past. The consequences have been fatal, often leaving teenagers on the brink of desperation.

PepsiCo’s Mirinda brand stood for making stressful situations lighter through play and mischief. The company wanted to leverage the soft drink to break the ice between teens and parents on issues of excessive parental pressure.

Target Audience:

PepsiCo targeted teenagers 14 to 18 years old who were taking their board exams and parents who had children taking their boards.

Creative Strategy:

Studies showed that India ranked among the top three countries for number of teen suicides. PepsiCo’s #ReleaseThePressure campaign encouraged Indian parents to acknowledge their role in pressuring teenagers over academic achievement. Through a digital platform, PepsiCo created a space for parents and teens to open up with each other. More than 1.5 million parents pledged to stop pressurizing and start listening to their children.


Overall Campaign Execution:

To generate awareness of #ReleaseThePressure, PepsiCo launched a short film on YouTube, which delivered more than 200 million impressions every day. To further amplify the communication, PepsiCo brought on credible, influential voices of authority including psychologists, Bollywood parents, and teenagers to get people talking about the issue.

PepsiCo introduced a microsite for the campaign along with a toll-free number to take the pledge. It released 120 million Mirinda bottles in the market with open letters from kids urging parents to take the pledge.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The short film for the campaign had more than 27 million views. #ReleaseThePressure reached more than 154 million people and delivered nearly 650 million impressions.

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