CA Technologies: Election Night on the Empire State Building

Campaign Summary

CA Technologies wanted to showcase its software and services. It partnered with CNN to project real-time data and images on the Empire State Building the night of the 2016 Presidential Election. Coverage of the event generated more than 12 million views on Facebook.


Objective and Context:

CNN and CA Technologies partnered to build a program that turned 2016 Election Night numbers into real information in a way people hadn’t seen before.

Target Audience:

CA Technologies targeted business decision makers and IT decision makers.

Creative Strategy:

CA Technologies wanted to show how its software and services could improve the speed to market of digital products. The 2016 presidential election was identified as a data-rich, real-time tentpole to dynamically demonstrate the company’s capabilities. CNN became both a test case and a media partner. CA Tech personnel helped the editorial team build a breakthrough CNN Politics App which incorporated CA Technologies’ proprietary software tools, allowing voters to engage with election data in a new way. On election night, CNN used CA Technologies tools to instantly collate real-time data for projection on the Empire State Building.


Overall Campaign Execution:

CNN and CA Technologies partnered to bring viewers a display of photography, real-time election results, maps, voter mosaics, and animations to the New York City skyline to commemorate election night. The projection began on the evening of November 8, 2016 and continued until the race was called on the building in the early hours of November 9. The projection effort generated more than one billion free media impressions in just 12 hours.

Mobile Execution:

CA Technologies software tools were integrated into the technical infrastructure of the CNN Politics app to deliver up-to-date election results. Social posts were made on the Instagram app with hashtags that indicated preference for different presidential candidates. CA Technologies assisted CNN in sorting images by candidate preference and geography. CNN then created visual animations based on these data points that were projected on the Empire State Building as real-time election results were unveiled to the world on the live, global CNN broadcast.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign generated 13 million views on CNN television and 24 million views on Facebook Live. There were more than 400,000 downloads of the CNN Politics app. During the weeks leading up to the election, users averaged 7.7 minutes per visit to the app.

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