Elevit: The First Hello

Campaign Summary

Multivitamin and supplement company Elevit wanted to promote the importance of its prenatal vitamin to women in China. Due to the country’s legislation, the company could not directly advertise its prenatal vitamin to consumers. Elevit created a device that allowed expecting parents to physically feel their unborn child’s heartbeat. The company launched a branded video series showing expecting parents using the device and sent it to its targeted audience using search data. The campaign generated more than 14 million unique video views.


Objective and Context:

Elevit is a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement that has been formulated to provide the nutritional requirements women need when trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and while breastfeeding. Elevit needed to rapidly build awareness and relevance among its narrow target audience of pregnant women in China.

However, Chinese legislation banned the advertising of prenatal multivitamin supplements competing with the government-owned prenatal vitamin. Without the ability to deliver advertising messages around its product benefits or influence health care professionals, other means of driving brand preference had to be developed.

Elevit set out to become the No. 1 preferred prenatal multivitamin supplement brand with two prime objectives:

  1. Rapidly build high awareness of the product superiority over competing brands to shift purchase intent away from competitors by 15 percent.
  2. Drive trial and purchase, and increase sales by sales by 30 percent compared to the previous year.

Target Audience:

Elevit’s target audience was Chinese women between the ages of 20 and 34. They were women who were planning their first pregnancy and who were also the first generation of China’s single children to grow up to be parents.

Creative Strategy:

Elevit wanted to bring Chinese parents-to-be closer together and enable them to experience something unique. The company made the strategic decision to avoid dwelling on its product benefits for the campaign, and instead focused on giving future parents something that Chinese society made difficult for them to achieve themselves: the ability for a couple to more fully share the pregnancy experience.

Finding something unique to bond couples provided a communication opportunity and platform, especially when the father could be actively involved. Creating small moments of shared joy during the pregnancy meant Elevit would be able to deliver exponential value to the campaign and the brand.

“The First Hello” campaign utilized technology to solve human challenges with an integrated digital execution and programmatic media strategy at its core. Elevit was able to pinpoint its hard-to-find target audience by analyzing search behavior and defining pregnancy-related keywords to deliver relevant, tailored ads and branded content. The campaign triggered social media involvement around pregnancy in China, reinforcing the importance of early protection for unborn babies through nutrients and folic acid.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Elevit created a device that allowed fathers to physically feel the baby’s heartbeat alongside a recording of the ultrasound. Five expectant parents were invited to experience the moment first-hand and their experiences were turned into a series of videos. The videos became branded content that were distributed to Elevit’s audience of expectant parents.

Pre-roll ads were delivered through relevant video channels such as drama, movies, and variety shows to inspire consumers’ views regarding a father’s role in pregnancy. Elevit defined relevant pregnancy-related keywords and tagged the cookies for granular accuracy. The company then pushed display banners that showcased its product’s superiority and linked to the campaign site for tips on parenting and the opportunity to watch the emotional branded video series.

Elevit also partnered with top online parenting verticals to create nutritional information feature pages and used influencers to endorse its campaign and products. For the first 100 e-commerce buyers, Elevit offered a chance to say their own first hellos with a “love before birth” gift pack that included the exclusive Elevit heartbeat tracker.

Mobile Execution:

Elevit’s research revealed that 94 percent of all Chinese online users connect through smartphones, reinforcing the importance of mobile media channels in China. The campaign’s branded content, such as videos, websites, ads, and nutritional articles, were adapted for PC as well as mobile. Micro campaigns were carried out on Wechat, China’s leading messaging smartphone app.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

In the face of regulatory restrictions, the campaign bridged a consumer need, leveraging cultural insight and media technology to bring expecting Chinese couples closer together to foster a healthier next generation.

More than 14 million unique views watched Elevit’s videos and nearly 1.4 million people went to the campaign website to learn more about Elevit. The First Hello campaign achieved substantial reach, engagement, and social lifts with social buzz increasing close to 90 percent post-campaign.

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