Tourism Australia: GIGA Selfie



Client: Tourism Australia
Category: Travel, Transportation, Tourism & Hospitality
Award Entry Year: 2016

Campaign Summary

To promote travel to Australia, Tourism Australia created the GIGA Selfie, a way for tourists to capture themselves and their surroundings in one giant picture. With cameras placed at several famous tourist destinations in Australia, GIGA Selfie provided tourists with a one-of-a-kind selfie while promoting the beautiful landscape of the destination.

Insight, Strategy, and the Idea

Tourists love taking and sharing selfies. But often times, selfies don't showcase the beautiful surroundings of travel destinations like Australia. To capture both a traveler and their destination in one photo, Tourism Australia created the GIGA Selfie. To take a GIGA Selfie, travelers could visit one of several famous tourist destinations in Australia, where cameras would take a photo from up to hundreds of feet away, capturing the tourist's surroundings.

The strategy was to leverage the tourists' power of sharing and to highlight Australia's tourism and travel resources to the public through the selfies.

The target audience was individuals looking to learn about or travel to Australia, especially from Japan.


Once the GIGA Selfie was shot, the program, using giga-pan-stich-technology, would create a short video clip, beginning as a close up shot of the tourists face, and then panning out to the bigger image.

The first GIGA Selfie took place at a test event at the Gold Coast. Following its success, the system was implemented in other cities in Australia, including Sydney.


The GIGA Selfie resulted in:

  • 11,173 percent share rate
  • 430 percent like rate
  • News coverage in more than 180 countries
  • Japanese visitors increased by 118 percent year on year
  • Huge interest and queries from tourist and amusement spots from around the world

In addition, a patent for GIGA Selfie was obtained it’s currently under consideration to be installed across Australia.

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