Magnum: Uber Ice Cream



Client: Unilever, Uber
Product: Magnum, Uber
Category: Food, Beverage, Tobacco/Travel, Transportation, Tourism and Hospitality
Agency: Unilever
Country: China
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

Since the establishment of the Magnum ice cream brand in the 1990s, it has successfully reached a mature, quality-seeking target audience and is Unilever’s best-selling ice cream brand. Magnum is recognized for its higher-quality chocolate ingredients and indulgence, and the challenge is to maintain this market presence. As competition in the market increases, Unilever wanted Magnum to capture the minds of Chinese consumers, so it did so in an unusual partnership and promotion with Uber.


Objective and Context

As China's market builds and adapts through innovative technology, more users are spending time on their smartphones beyond communication purposes. Services to order food, book transportation and lifestyle services through apps have seen a significant growth in Chinese peoples’ daily lives. Magnum tapped into this trend in building this promotion that included Uber, which is central to the trend of using apps on a day-to-day basis.


Creative Strategy

On July 24, 2015, Magnum partnered with car service Uber to bring Global Ice Cream Day to Shanghai, enabling pleasure seekers the opportunity to order a box of six Magnum ice cream bars via the ride hailing service. Key opinion leaders warmed up the campaign 24 hours before launch, and five million fans were reached on messaging and calling service WeChat, setting high expectations for the event.

Global Ice Cream Day officially kicked off in Shanghai at 11 a.m. Anyone could request an ice cream car on Uber's app, and if there was an ice cream car nearby, his or her Magnum order would be delivered to them. A fleet of 180 Uber drivers in cars, scooters and bicycles were prepared to spread the pleasure and joy, delivering to eight downtown locations in Shanghai.



By targeting the growth of mobile app-driven services, Magnum was able to create an impulse moment to not just generate sales but also brand buzz via mobile and social channels.

Through word-of-mouth on WeChat,  Magnum sold more than 24,000 ice creams, selling out within six hours. The event was shared on WeChat moments with huge social buzz and enthusiasm.

The campaign successfully drove people from online to offline and back to online.

In addition to selling out of ice cream, the activation delivered high levels of engagement and social buzz.

WeChat benchmarks show that typically 0.02 to 0.05 percent of followers will share posts from key opinion leaders, brands and celebrities. Magnum's Uber Global Ice Cream Day recorded that three percent of followers sharing the branded post.





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