7UP REVIVE: TemperAd Engine



Client: PepsiCo India
Product: 7UP Revive
Category: Food, Beverage, Tobacco
Agency: Mindshare
Country: India
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

7UP Revive, the newest kid on the block in the PepsiCo portfolio, had a unique proposition. Enriched with essential vitamins and electrolytes, the product was a perfect replacement of minerals and vital nutrients that the body loses while out in the sun.

7UP Revive was trying to carve out a new segment in a world of carbonated drinks. Revive had to not only make its launch impactful, but also educate the consumer on the functional benefit.


Objective and Context

The goal was to reach the youth male consumer between the ages of 15 and 34 who spends a considerable time out of home in the sun and who has an active lifestyle.

Mindshare built a technology intervention into advertising that identified the Moment of Truth when and where the consumer was actually sweating. This tool that identified the “sweat spots” was named a TemperAd Engine.

The TemperAd Engine was designed and programmed to dynamically display advertising across mobile apps and web sites to consumers whenever the temperature and humidity on their phone indicated a possibility of sweating. Mindshare used this core thought and made smart use of growing weather applications, which are triggered at least once a day by the user to check the temperature and humidity levels either before he leaves or when he is out of home. This was an ideal way to reach energy drink consumers.


Creative Strategy

The role of media had to revolve around targeting consumers with active lifestyles and capturing moments of sweat across the day, educating the consumers about the benefit of 7UP Revive in their daily lives. The use of the TemperAd Engine enabled Mindshare to serve banner communication in real time across “sweat spots” when the user was browsing on Google, Facebook and other apps on mobile.

The creative not only urged the consumer to understand the offering of 7UP Revive but also enabled him to instantly want to consume the product. In addition, Mindshare created a few more surprise media moments. It made use of the user’s vacation time to place the contextually relevant message for travelers. A small audio brand jingle was placed on Indian Railways PNR enquiry phone line while users were waiting for their train status.

With placement around the leading mobile apps of travel, weather and adventure, the ads delivered the message with a higher relevance. The sampling exercise was planned around key outdoor sweat spots in the consumer’s life. These were strategically chosen by mapping schedules via pin codes with mobile towers and use of geo-fencing to ensure the sampling event was communicated to the users before the crew arrived.



The success of the launch was not just about creating a big bang, but also about educating about 7UP Revive and its ability to replenish nutrients and vitamins.

The deployment and use of the TemperAd Engine helped 7UP Revive garner more than six million brand exposures during actual “sweat spots” in the consumer’s life, leading to a 15 percent higher clickthrough rate on similar apps. More than 800,000 consumers were touched with sampling notifications through pin code targeting at identified locations, inducing a large amount of brand trials during the activity.

Awareness levels shot up in key markets and stood at 56 percent, higher than the benchmark of 51 percent. Out of people who were aware of the product, one in three had tried the product after being exposed to the communication.

Consumers associated 7UP Revive with a drink that replenishes nutrients and vitamins.

The brand was rolled out across India.



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