Pond's: Pimple Confessions



Client: Unilever
Product: Pond’s
Category: Health & Beauty
Agency: Mindshare Indonesia
Country: Indonesia
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

Selling facial acne products is as difficult as removing a stubborn pimple. For one thing, there are at least 10 different brands that compete for consumers’ attention. Second, it is full of unfulfilled promises of quick fixes and unrealistic benefits. A quick look at social media rants on pimples shows the dissatisfaction consumers have with their existing skin acne product. 

Mindshare’s campaign needed to increase market share for Pond’s, whose market share declined the previous year, by growing Pond’s Acne Clear. To succeed, the agency needed to establish its acne-removing credentials in a way that was different from the competition and relevant to the teen audience.


Objective and Context

The target audience was Generation Z teens, 15 to 18 years old, who share everything in their lives, from what they’re wearing, how they’re feeling, what food they’re about to eat and, quite often, that dreaded pimple. During their teenage years, their confidence can be crushed with the sight of a  pimple. Acne or “jerawat” was the most-searched term on Google related to skin, and it also was one of the most mentioned on social media.

Teens spend most of their time on mobile phones. Pond’s digitally-savvy consumer is on their phone 24x7 on social media, chatting on at least two different applications with their friends. For female Indonesian teens, the phone and Internet allow them to be recognized and to express themselves with their friends.

Mindshare knew that the best way to be believed by teens was to let their peers talk about the product. The agency wanted to provide a space and a moment where they could find closure about their pimple problems.


Creative Strategy

Since they were already sharing how frustrated they were, Mindshare wanted to offer its target a direct experience of the product through a sampling and testimonial platform called Curhat Jerawat (pimple frustrations). The call to action was: “Stay Clear. Share your Secret.”

The platform would allow teens to anonymously share their pimple stories and receive a sample of Pond’s Acne Clear. On the platform, other teens could give advice or show support. After receiving the sample, the brand encouraged them to share their experiences with Pond’s Acne Clear. Those who participated would have a chance to appear in a highly-rated TV program with a popular teen heartthrob to show their newfound confidence being pimple-free.

This campaign was a follow-up after the product's launch last year, which successfully raised awareness for the product but was not able to effectively communicate its efficacy. With competitors copying the product benefits, demonstrating Pond’s efficacy through sampling and consumer testimonials would differentiate Pond’s from the rest.

Mindshare made everything mobile-first. It developed a mobile site and a line channel where users could share their pimple stories -- and it drove traffic to the channel using rich media ads. Mindshare also reached out 30 million Indonesians through online chat apps.

The rich media ads took a feed of the testimonials received from those who tried and were happy with Pond’s Acne Clear and invited others to share their pimple stories and try a sample themselves, which eventually led them to the mobile site.

On the site they shared their story, read others and gave advice. Those that were given samples came back to share their more confident selves after using the product by posting a photo and sharing it on social media. Consumers spent an average of five minutes per visit.

For online chatting, Mindshare created a channel where teens could directly share their stories. Because teens were more comfortable expressing themselves through stickers than word, it created custom “curhat jerawat” stickers that captured their pimple frustrations and got them to share them with their friends. This was a first for Unilever and Pond’s. During the campaign, there were two million subscribers to the channel, more than Pond’s total fans gained over two years on Facebook.



Before the campaign started, Pond’s overall share was declining versus the previous year. It was struggling to compete against other skin care brands that had a new offering or product innovation.

The campaign successfully turned around the Pond’s business. In total, 42,000 pimple story were submitted, delivering 36,000 entries. This showed that it was the right platform to reach and engage with the teen audience. For the first time, Pond’s had a higher share of voice on social media compared to competitors, with many teens opting to share their pimple-free and confident look on social media.

The campaign generated talkability and positive sentiment for the brand, giving Pond’s its highest share of voice in social media against its competitors – a first for Pond’s in the prior two years. The stories the target audience shared helped boost the brand’s mentions in social media, and sales for Pond’s Acne Clear grew from 43 percent to 45 percent.





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