Vaseline: World Cup Nobar Maksimal



Client: Unilever Indonesia
Product: Vaseline men's moisturizers
Category: Health & Beauty
Agency: Mindshare Indonesia & Inmobi
Country: Indonesia
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

Vaseline wanted to drive sales for its male moisturizer by riding on World Cup fever without being an official sponsor. Mindshare Indonesia and Inmobi used a targeted mobile campaign to reach its target audience.


Objective and Context

The male cleanser category was growing at a fast pace, but male moisturizer was trailing behind. After a successful Vaseline Ganteng Maksimal (“handsome to the max”) campaign, which promoted both cleanser and moisturizers, Vaseline needed to continue to drive sales for the moisturizer brand.

Vaseline wanted to reach Indonesian males between the ages of 18 -  35. Most of them were football crazy and all dreamed of watching the World Cup finals in Brazil. They were avid followers of the matches and would stay up until early morning to watch games with their friends at local sports clubs and restaurants.

However, they were not big fans of facial moisturizers. They saw no need for it and would not go out of their way to try it. After all, their lives were fine without it. The agencies needed to use football as a hook to get them to buy and try the product for themselves.

Since Vaseline was not an official sponsor and did not have the budget to pay for any broadcast rights, the best alternative was to reach them was on the ground and via their primary screens – their mobile phones.

As in most parts of the world, the World Cup means two things: lots of late night and early morning watching, and more time spent on social media rooting for teams. Watching matches with friends is a big phenomenon that Indonesians even have a name for. Called “Nonton Bareng” or “NoBar,” it is an integral part of an Indonesian man’s life. Whenever there is an important soccer match on television, in cities, towns and villages, big screens are put up for community viewing of the match. Online, as expected from the social media capital of the world, World Cup conversations would dominate.

So Vaseline Nobar Maksimal was born; it roughly translates to “ultimate viewing experience”. Vaseline would provide the ultimate viewing experience for sports fans with every purchase of the product.


Creative Strategy

Even though this campaign was a follow-up to the hugely successful Ganteng Maksimal (“Handsome to the µax”) campaign that helped grow brand sales for cleansers, this had some differences. Not only was it for moisturizers, but it was the first time that Vaseline associated itself with football during the most-cluttered media period of World Cup season.

While other sponsors fought for dominance with TV spots during the matches, Vaseline found the perfect opportunity to engage with fans and their target audience in a different space by owning Nonton Bareng offline and online.

Offline, Vaseline created a memorable NoBar experience to watch the finals live in Brazil, called Nobar Maksimal. Upon purchase of the product, consumers would get a unique code, which they could SMS or submit to Vaseline’s site. Each purchase had an equivalent number of points. The more you bought, the more points you collected. In the end, those with the most number of points would get to watch in Brazil.

In online and mobile, knowing that Indonesians spent lots of time multi-screening, the agencies had to leverage the product on mobile social media and in other applications related to football during the season. Mobile represented 80 percent of the total digital budget and 12 percent of the total campaign budget.

Reaching the male audience on mobile required understanding their multi-screen habits. With Facebook being the most popular social media channel for Indonesian men, it is no surprise then that they would post before, during and after the matches on social media. (They also would do so on Twitter.) To this end, Facebook launched, which gathered all the conversations about the World Cup.

Vaseline wanted to extend the World Cup experience online, riding on football conversations, so Mindshare and Inmobi created different posts for before, during and after the football matches. These were specifically timed during the big matches when they expected conversations to be at an all-time high on social media. They were manually set on the ad platform and specific audiences were targeted. A custom audience for football fans, along with retargeting those who had already interacted with or been exposed to the ads, extended reach and doubled engagement.

They also reached the male audience through rich media ads on their favorite sports and gaming applications, with a flappy-bird type of gaming execution where they could play football and share their scores with their friends. Each one took them to the mobile site landing page explaining how they could participate in Nobar Maksimal.



The campaign reached 10.1 million users and the timed page posts increased engagement three times the average versus posts that had no time targeting. The Twitter engagement rate was 5.74 percent compared with a benchmark of 2 percent.

There was a significant increase in sales of Vaseline’s men’s moisturizer for the campaign's two retail partners, increasing by more than 42 percent and more than 60 percent respectively during the campaign duration. There was a 44 percent jump in nationwide sales in the same period.





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