B&Q: Weve Footfall Campaign



Client: B&Q
Category: Messaging
Agency: Weve
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

A series of Friday afternoon TV advertisements had traditionally promoted weekend deals for B&Q stores. To increase B&Q’s footfall, the agency Weve tried something new. It developed a campaign that promoted B&Q’s deals via mobile SMS messaging to existing B&Q customers within specific geographic areas. The campaign targeted the customers’ location via their cell phones. The method of promotion was successful. Weve’s geo-targeting, audience targeting, and message timing on mobile led to a measurable uplift in footfall. From mobile data, based on accurate profiling, Weve also measured the impact of mobile marketing in driving footfall to the store. The campaign helped optimize and refine future campaigns. Positive results have become a regular weekly occurrence.


Objective and Context

B&Q is a traditional retail advertiser that relied almost exclusively on above-the-line, untargeted channels: press and TV over weekends and bank holidays -- until Weve developed a campaign for B&Q using mobile. Weves’ objective was to increase B&Q’s ROI using mobile technology for targeted, below-the-line marketing.


Creative Strategy

Weve used B&Q’s data to develop a creative, unique measure of customer behavior. B&Q had mobile cell data about potential customers that lived and traveled through pre-defined catchment areas that gave Weve SMS access to customers’ home addresses and habitual travel patterns.

Weve divided the customers into test and control groups living within a set area of a B&Q store, based on drive time data from CACI, a retail planning tool that uses location, transaction and audience data. Verified home address data ensured that only relevant consumers were targeted. Each group totaled 75,000 customers, guaranteeing robust analytics.

Using mobile data, B&Q and Weve identified and segmented customers based on age, gender and interests. The campaign then communicated tailored offers to customers. The campaign also defined test and control groups, matching profiles using verified first party mobile data to ensure reliability and accuracy. Then, the campaign evaluated and demonstrated the effects of their offers on footfall.

The test group was sent an SMS message on the first day of the campaign promoting a £10 off £59 spend offer. The control group received no message. Using location technology, cell tower geo-fences were set up around each participating B&Q store, identifying when both the test and control group were seen at the stores, before, during, and after the test campaign period. The bespoke shape and size of the geo-fence ensured audience validity with regular visitors identified and removed from the analytics.



Mobile was an effective marketing channel for B&Q. Footfall increased to stores from the customers that received the SMS messaging. During the initial test campaign period, quantitative analytics of the geo-fence footfall data showed that SMS messaging drove an impressive 15 percent uplift in visits in test stores versus control stores. With just under 9,000 incremental visits across the entire campaign, based on average basket size per customer, the campaign drove positive ROI.

The campaign allowed B&Q to build bespoke audience segments based on the pattern of location behavior and additional first-party audience insights that are currently being used to promote weekly offers quickly at significant scale on mobile. The tailored offers have greater relevance to their customers and greater ROI. Weve’s campaign demonstrated the power of mobile as an advertising medium to deliver impressive results for retailers to the right audience, with the right message, in the right location, using intelligent data analytics and location technology. Thanks to both the effectiveness of SMS messaging in driving incremental footfall and the rich and actionable audience segments, B&Q has now adopted an always-on messaging approach within their marketing plan.




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