Redken: The MyRedken App



Client: Redken
Product: MyRedken
Category: Health & Beauty
Agency: Semio Design
Country: France
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

Redken’s goal was to motivate salon employees to sell Redken products in their multi-brand environments. To fuel the motivation, Semio Design created the MyRedken app. Designed for daily usage, the app allowed employees to instantly report their sales to Redken. The more that employees sold products, the more presents they would get from Redken, which also was tracked by the app. Employees gained information about Redken products and hair trends from the app. Semio Design’s campaign successfully increased sales to existing and new users.


Objective and Context

Redken's business is based on a business-to-business-to-consumer model. If sales in salons stagnate, then sales to end consumers also decrease. In order to fuel the growth of in-salon sales of its retail products, Redken motivated salon employees to push Redken products to end consumers.

The target audience was mainly hair salon managers and their employees. This population represents male or female hairdressers ranging from 16 - 60 years of age.


Creative Strategy

The web application MyRedken was produced to create a sort of digital tribe that would encourage Redken sales. The application was based on a social media model. Through the app, Redken communicated with clients about content that was not all about the brand. Instead, the content focused on trends in the market, how to get the latest hairstyles, and how salons could adapt themselves to attract more and more new consumers. Technical sheets that clients could download directly were also available via the app. The campaign intended to collect information about sales, to encourage sales, and to provide hairdressers with Tribe spirit and information about products and trends.

To energize salon employees about selling Redken products in their multi-brand environments, the incentive system was supported 100 percent. The more employees sold products, the more those employees got presents.  As a web app, MyRedken could not send notifications directly to hairdressers’ mobile phones. Instead, a Passbook pass was needed that could push notifications to IOS owner clients to inform them about trends and about the products that they sold together with the catalogue of what they could afford.  Mobile technology communicated valuable information between hairdressers and Redken instantly, which would not have been possible with other channels.        



Salons that used the application saw Redken sales increase by 16 percent.  Of Redken clients who were using the web app, 62 percent increased turnover of products. The number of salons using the app increases by 12 percent every year.




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