Hyundai: i30 Virtual Reality Campaign



Client: Hyundai
Product: Hyundai i30
Category: Automotive, Motorcycles
Agency: Mobilike /Havas Media Turkey
Country: Turkey
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

Since the automobile sector is a mature one, car maker Hyundai wanted to deliver its message about the new features of its car in an innovative and entertaining way. Hyundai decided to do this by creating a 360-degree virtual reality experience that let users tour every aspect of the car's interior.


Objective and Context

Hyundai was most proud of the unique interior design and the innovative cockpit technology that strengthened the design of its i30. Havas Media and Mobilike worked with Hyundai on the campaign. Panoramic photos of the automobile created a virtual reality experience that gave users a 360-degree look inside the automobile. Those photo were uploaded onto mobile web browsers, generating very high interest. Mobile users were attracted to the virtual reality experience, and to the thought of test driving the car. The the target audience was men and women ages 24-44.


Creative Strategy

A virtual reality banner, published on iPad magazines that were relevant to the target audience, created the virtual reality experience. They could see the left, right, back, up and down of the car. In this way, users experienced Hyundai ‘s well-designed interior and Hyundai ‘s assertive innovative technologies. Hyundai marked the parts of the car it wanted to highlight. Users were then directed to a test drive form so that they could experience the car in reality.



Here are the results of the campaign:

  • The virtual Hyundai i30 was toured 3,618,715 times.
  • The number of users directed to the test drive form was 36,015.
  • The marks that gave users detailed information about interior design were touched 58,969 times.
  • At the end of the campaign, the clickthrough rate was  2.62 percent.



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