Turkcell: Healthmetre Diabetes App


Client: Turkcell
Product: Healthmetre diabetes app
Category: Computers & Technology
Agency: R/GA London
Country: Turkey
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

Diabetes is a global epidemic. In Turkey it affects one in seven adults and contributes to one in three deaths. More young people receive diagnoses every day. Over time, many become depressed and skip their treatment routines.

Turkcell, Turkey’s leading technology innovator, set out to make a difference with a brand-new way to create greater awareness about the condition and record critical diabetes data. HealthMetre, which it created with cooperation from Turkey's Ministry of Health, is the first diabetes app that syncs with Instagram accounts, making it easier and more fun to monitor the condition.


Objective and Context

The most recent statistics from the International Diabetes Federation show that Turkey has the highest rate of diabetes in Europe, with an astounding incidence of 14.7 percent.

Turkcell wanted to instigate social change by targeting youth and all people with smartphones who are active on social networks.

The goal was to increase awareness of the condition among the general population, improve patient treatment compliance and motivation and ultimately reduce the long-term effects of diabetes. The new Turkcell app, Healthmetre, doesn’t try to persuade diabetes sufferers to adopt entirely new habits, tools and behaviors to monitor their condition. Instead, it uses Instagram, a popular tool, to tap into behaviors that people already have.


Creative Strategy

The health and medical app landscape has become crowded with solutions that are effort intensive and non-intuitive. Turkcell strategically approached the mobile app design from a user-focused perspective, not only providing a best-in-class tracking solution but also helping diabetes patients stay motivated and connected with their community.

Turkcell’s solution is purely mobile, composed of a wireless blood meter that connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone and automatically logs readings to the app. The app maps the blood level readings to images from Instagram, creating an immediate visual diary for the condition. It can also publish the images with overlaid blood measurements to social channels.

App features and capabilities include Instagram integration, advanced data analytics, an intuitive user interface and data visualisation, easy meal tagging and wireless measurement support. Most importantly, users can set up and use the wireless glucose reader easily.


After being tested in a year-and-a-half-long trial with 200 patients at Istanbul University, Healthmetre test results have exceeded expectations. Treatment compliance increased by 54 percent, blood sugar levels decreased by 27 percent and complication forecasts decreased by 37 percent.



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