Spotify France: Valentine's Day Campaign



Client: Spotify
Category: Computers & Technology
Agency: SMG France
Country: France
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

Spotify is the No. 2 music-streaming service in France. It wanted to raise brand awareness and usage on mobile and tablet devices.  Valentine's Day presented a unique opportunity to hook the target audience with an entertaining experience.


Objective and Context

Spotify's target audience was consumers ages 15-34 --  millennials and GenZ -- and it wanted to reach them efficiently with an innovative experience to drive adoption and use of the app.


Creative Strategy

It made sense to use a 100 percent mobile campaign in partnership with mobile programmatic mobile Adotmob for this campaign. Starcom and Spotify decided to use mobile programmatic to target millennials in romantic relationships around Valentine's Day.

To execute the idea with successful targeting, listeners had to first answer questions in the app such as the day of their first date. The next frame displayed the top five songs of the playlist to the matching week.

The mobile creative allowed users to listen to a customized Spotify playlist and share it easily. The idea was that these songs would remind listeners of memorable romantic encounters.



The campaign achieved its goals:

  • 37 percent of tablet users who have expanded the ad format filled in their first met date.
  • 71 percent of these people have met their lover fewer than five years ago, which validates the millennial targeting.





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