Kleppiere: Using Mobile to Drive Traffic



Client: Klepierre
Category: Retail
Agency: iProspect
Country: France
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

Klepierre is the European leader and specialist in shopping malls, drawing two billion visitors er year and present in 16 countries and 57 major cities. The company wanted to use existing technologies to test new mobile marketing tactics to drive traffic to the retailers in their malls. Klepierre also wanted to measure the direct impact of any campaign on mall and store visits.


Objective and Context

The campaign aimed at two different targets, in two different shopping centers. The target of the first -- located in a mall in the Parisian suburbs -- was workers aged 25-49. The target of the second one, in a residential area of Montpellier, was families.


Creative Strategy

To better understand the contextual behavior around each shopping center, proprietary geo-marketing studies were run to gather data, which, in turn, enabled the client and agency to determine the best times to communicate to the two audiences.

For the mall in the Paris suburbs, it was determined that Monday to Friday during lunch break, within 200 meters around the mall and the subway entrances was ideal. For Montpellier, Saturday was the best day of the week.

Mobile-tracking technology was used to follow consumers up to the mall entrance in order to determine the exact ROI of each Euro spent.

To drive traffic with the best ROI, the audiences received mobile messages and relevant display ads only when they entered the shopping centers main areas.

The mobile-device location data was cross-referenced with the ads and SMS’s to identify users who viewed the banner and went to the shopping center. Beacons were placed at each entrance of the shopping center to ignore duplicates.



The results were remarkable.

  • 8.42 percent of people exposed entered the nearby shopping center.
  • There was a cost of 1.2 Euros per physical visit



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