Shell: Shell Mobile Motorist App



Client: Shell
Product: Shell Motorist App
Category: Retail
Agency: Mobgen
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

The Shell Motorist app was launched several years ago with a single function: to locate Shell stations for drivers on the go. Shell built on this first product for two years adding new functionalities.

There are almost 700 million vehicle owners in 28 countries in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia where the app is live. There are 16 million active Shell loyalty card users around the globe who were mostly using a physical loyalty card.

In 2015, Shell launched the new application with Mobgen with an improved design, user experience and app performance.


Objective and Context

The strategic value of the mobile channel for Shell Retail was identified as driving a positive influence on the bottom line by:

  • Creating a new digital channel to engage customers with relevant offers and treatments to drive behavior change.
  • Collecting more data from customers to facilitate improved strategic decision-making.


Creative Strategy

The Shell Motorist platform was designed and created by Mobgen as a package of different business modules. This approach allowed Shell to easily tailor the available content per country and answer to the different requirements of each market.

The app was able to better connect the needs of each consumer in his or her unique environment. The business modules were presented as different “cards,” each presenting a different functionality, including personalized offers, station locators, news and products, and Shell station feedback.

Loyalty members could use the app instead of a physical card to view their point balances; receive personal offers -- based on preferences and loyalty-status --  and locate stations.

This app was upgraded to create:

  • A content management system that enabled Shell to launch or switch-off specific functionalities by market and manage content by market.
  • A profile database with anonymized data-capture.
  • A mediation layer to connect to 27 back-end systems.
  • Integration with 13 different loyalty schemes and a global CRM system.
  • A global, location-based notification system that integrated with loyalty data.
  • Native front-end apps for iOS and Android in 28 markets in 17 languages.
  • Analytics dashboards for real-time monitoring of system performance and usage.

The app is promoted differently in each individual local market using Shell-owned digital channels, promotions at Shell stations and digital advertising campaigns including Facebook.



In the past, Shell communicated with customers via email and other direct marketing. The new mobile channel opened a direct connection to its end-users. Shell is now able to communicate on a more personal level efficiently with content that is more specific and relevant. The deployment and marketing of the app is done locally, per country. Here are some of the results:

  • The new app increased active usage by 25 percent. As a result, the active loyalty logins increased by 50 percent.
  • There have been over two million downloads and almost 520,000 active users.
  • The activation rate of mobile offers has been 25-35 percent.
  • There is a 400 percent lower crash rates compared to the old app.

Additional benefits were cost savings on distribution of physical loyalty cards, direct marketing, more precise targeting through beacon and geo-location based services, and the ability to receive richer data, such as location, car brand, and so forth.




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