Best Buy: Microsoft Co-Branding Effort




Client: Best Buy/Microsoft
Product: Best Buy Snack bar
Category: Retail
Agency: Exponential
Region: Latin America
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

Best Buy sells Microsoft products inside its stores but wanted to raise awareness of that fact and drive in-store trial and sales of those products.


Objective and Context

Through a very interactive digital banner, the client wanted to reach smartphone users to provide complete information about Microsoft products sold at Best Buy stores.

The main KPI for this campaign was branding and interaction within the banner.


Creative Strategy

The campaign budget was $15,000 and all of it was used for mobile advertising. Within the initial banner, different Microsoft products were shown.

The banner was built so the user could click and whatever product they were interested and be able to see more detailed information about it. Once the banner was expanded the user was able to see the different categories and products and when clicking on each one of the pictures, product information and features were shown.

The campaign was launched on all Best Buy sites.



Best Buy ran the ads on its owned network so that it could identify highly engaged users within different categories by optimizing the campaign in real time driving high clickthrough rates and engagement rates for the brands.

A high engagement rate of 3.86 percent expansion rate was reached with 14.5 seconds average time spent.

After this campaign proved how effective interactive mobile campaigns are, the client included mobile in all its advertising plans.




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