Hyundai: Mexico Brand Introduction




Client: Hyundai
Product: Hyundai MX
Category: Automotive
Agency: Innocean/Starcom
Country: Mexico
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

Hyundai was a new brand in Mexico, and this was the automaker’s first campaign there. Hyundai wanted to drive mass awareness of its brand and product launch to the Mexican market.


Objective and Context

The objective was not only to drive awareness, but to drive visits to dealerships for purchase consideration of three Hyundai models: Grand i10, the Elantra and the Sonata. Hyundai wanted to leverage existing video assets to develop a digital campaign.


Creative Strategy

Three different videos showed each brand and were measured to determine which of them had better results concerning awareness and engagement.

To emphasize the various products Hyundai was introducing in Mexico, the campaign focused on building engaging, interactive video and mobile creative units across display, mobile and in-stream channels. The campaign ran on digital ad networks to optimize audiences where they were engaging the most.

Just 20 percent of the media budget went to mobile for this campaign. Floating banner ads were used at the bottom of users’ screens because they tend to be more visible using IAB formats in display.



Throughout the four-month run, the campaign delivered total views for the expanded creative and then the subsequent videos reached nearly 80,000.

  • The multi-screen creative and targeting strategy delivered a four percent expansion rate.
  • Users also spent an average of 30 seconds interacting with the creative.
  • Post-expansion clickthrough rates were also strong, with three percent on mobile.






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