Travelzoo: Criteo Optimization Campaign


Client: Travelzoo       
Category: Travel, Transportation, Tourism & Hospitality
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2014


Campaign Summary

Travelzoo has long been a leader in offering e-mail-based deals and recommendations to its audiences of travelers. Mobile is a core pillar of its strategy, representing 50 percent of traffic.

To support its strategy, Travelzoo launched a sophisticated, predictive mobile- and tablet-based performance display campaign to increase sales from mobile users and pull in new subscriptions to the company’s e-mail newsletter.


Objective and Context

This campaign was directed at previous visitors to its “Getaway Deals” page -- both repeat customers and new users -- allowing Travelzoo to reach  thousands of mobile publishers through its performance-display partner, Criteo.

The Criteo engine delivers personalized product recommendations driven directly from site-data and inventory. Display ads are optimized and delivered in real-time for each individual consumer on mobile and desktop.

The Criteo team implemented a sophisticated display optimization strategy based on predicted clicks, conversions and basket value. Price Bracket Categorization allowed optimization of cost-per-clicks relative to the value of the booking. To ensure efficient optimization, Travelzoo gave Criteo the freedom to change CPCs directly as needed.


Creative Strategy

Criteo’s buying engine used hundreds of different data points to calculate where Travelzoo could afford to buy at a significantly higher price than the CPC naturally allowed, all while remaining within cost-of-sales targets. The engine predicted and optimized for deals that generated the most clicks and conversion rates within each price bracket.



Travelzoo built both sales volume and its database. Here are some of the results:

  • The mobile banner campaign increased Getaway Deal sales by 25 percent.
  • The advanced campaign optimization strategy delivered consistent increases in average basket value while maintaining steady conversion rates.
  • More than 30 percent of the users who bought a Getaway Deal via Travelzoo also signed up for its newsletter, driving incremental subscriptions.

In addition, Travelzoo ran an extended browser support campaign enabling it to reach all users on Safari browsers, focusing on Getaway Deals. 

Historically, it had not been possible to drop third-party cookies on iOS and desktop Safari users, meaning that retargeting activity was limited to desktop users only.

Criteo’s technology allowed Travelzoo to display an unobtrusive message to its Safari visitors, which in turn allowed these visitors to be eligible to be retargeted on iOS devices.



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