Momo: World Cup Billionaire


Client: MoMo
Category: Computers & Technology
Agency: Adtima/VNG Corporation
Country: Vietnam
Year: 2014


Campaign Summary

MoMo, a mobile wallet application, had launched a few months prior to the campaign and had zero brand awareness. With the goal of changing the way Vietnamese purchase everyday items and transfer money, MoMo needed a marketing channel that could reach mobile users, introduce the product and drive leads. It chose a gaming execution centered around the World Cup.


Objective and Context

The campaign’s target audience was Vietnamese smartphone users between 18 and 35 years old. Research showed that World Cup football was the most engaging occasion for Vietnamese youth, so the company chose this time to build a promotion that could create brand awareness as well as generate leads at the same time.

With more than 10 million users at that time, Zalo was the leading OTT (over-the-top) application in the market with a highly engaged user base. It was a perfect platform to introduce MoMo. Gambling is prohibited in Vietnam but is popular underground, so Adtima created a game around the World Cup that was not gambling but was fun to engage with and would allow users to win real money for their mobile wallets.


Creative Strategy

"World Cup Billionaire,” a game for the 2014 World Cup, was promoted entirely on mobile, leveraging mobile display advertising and the mobile social community and messaging.

Users were targeted with mobile ads within Adtima's advertising ecosystem, as well as sticky messages that pinned to the top of users' feeds within Zalo. QR codes were used to drive PC users to mobile. All of these media drove users to MoMo's Zalo page, a social community where users could learn about MoMo and the guessing game.

From there, users could download the MoMo app to receive free money – 64.000 Viet Nam Dong – in their mobile wallets and use this money to bet on winners in 64 matches during the World Cup. Before each match, users could send messages on Zalo to bet. One player would win 100.000.000 VND in his or her mobile wallet.



During the campaign, almost 3 million messages were sent, almost 2.4 million Android users and more than 550,000 iOS users were reached and over 1.5 million clicks were generated. Sticky messages helped to persuade 56,000 Android users and 18,500 iOS users to download MoMo.

Within two weeks, the MoMo Zalo page gained 90,000 followers. One week later, it had 150,000 and growing. The total conversion rate was 12.3 percent. The community was highly engaged, with an average of 7,000 interactions per post about World Cup, 5,500 interactions per post about lifestyle, 6,000 interactions per branded content piece and 3,700 interactions per post on promotion. At least 15,000 guessing messages were sent each day.

Within the three peak days, there were 26,000 app downloads from Android and 13,000 downloads for iOS. MoMo gained more than 110,000 downloads over the period of five weeks, making the app number one in the finance category, the second free new app in the Google Play store, and a top eight free new app in iOS app store.



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