Cornetto: Life, Love & Cornetto


Client: Cornetto
Product: Cornetto Valentine Campaign
Category: Food, Beverage, Tobacco
Agency: ClickMedia
Country: Vietnam
Year: 2014


Campaign Summary

Cornetto’s strategic objective was to become an iconic ice-cream brand loved by teenagers; to “own the cone” and to increase sales. The brand’s specific challenge was to own Valentine’s Day’s “fearless romantic” elements to distinguish itself from other brands also talking about love on the holiday.


Objective and Context

To inspire teens to enjoy life through the motto “Life, Love & Cornetto,” ClickMedia aimed the campaign at:

  • Ages 15 to 25, both genders, in the LSM (Living Standards Measure), 6-12.
  • High school/university students, young adults.
  • Those who had a part or full-time job.
  • Those with concern about the future and who had a plan for the short term.
  • Those who were digitally savvy, with high-tech mobile phones and online exposure.

Teens tend to choose and associate themselves with brands that they find to be cool and relevant. ClickMedia promoted Cornetto ice cream as an exciting journey of tastes and textures from first bite to last bite, always with a fantastic ending. Cornetto is the “love enabler” that helps you make your Valentine memorable.

After fully understanding the target’s insights and the rationale of the creative idea, the brand did research on a focused group about their online, purchasing and entertaining behavior in order to choose the right channels to reach them effectively via forums, Facebook groups and key opinion leaders.

Some of the budget was allocated to flexible adaptation to real-time results due to product coverage in distributors and the Tet holiday (Vietnam's Lunar New Year).

The previous year’s campaign did not reach consumers on a big scale and did not include interactive and customized engagement between the brand and the consumers. In this campaign, the agency used mobile to develop an interactive application, ILuvCornetto, customized for Cornetto’s consumers.

ClickMedia spent 9 percent of the whole campaign budget (media fee, not including activation and event fee) for mobile production. In addition, the agency acquired users' real contact information for the later stage of the marketing plan. A mobile tool helped measure the success of the overall campaign.

Along with a social platform application hosted on Facebook and the Zingme Cornetto fan page, the mobile application helped spread the news among teens faster and reach consumers on a bigger scale.



Not only did the mobile app provide a unique platform for users' personalized messaging, it acted as a convenient e-ticket that was always on hand to bring to the Valentine event. However, with more and more users redeeming unique codes found under the lid of Cornetto ice cream, it also served as a live indication of sales performance during the course of the campaign.

The mobile medium via the smartphone platform was almost tailor-made for the campaign, as young adults have been a major player in smartphone adoption within the Vietnamese market. Most have fewer financial options to upgrade their phones, so they are much more attached to them than other age groups.

Sales figures doubled compared to before the campaign, while social engagement rates with the target audience increased 8.5 percent. The mobile application received 10,332 downloads on iOS and Android within four weeks.

The app was intended to be a long-term sales and promotions engagement platform via the already establish functions of QR verifications.

The campaign created big buzz for the Cornetto brand among the market and brought positive connections with target consumers. The mobile application was one of the first in Vietnam developed specifically for an event. Photos and posts from users on Cornetto's Facebook fan page after the event carried on for more than two weeks.





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