Colgate: The Next Door Dentist


Client: Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd.
Product: Oral Health Month
Category: Health & Beauty
Agency: Red Fuse 
Country: India
Year: 2014


Campaign Summary

In India, Colgate-Palmolive -- in partnership with the Indian Dental Association (IDA) -- has been conducting Oral Health Month since 2004. The event covers a wide spectrum of activities designed to spread oral health awareness and good oral hygiene practices. Elevating the awareness of cavities among mothers always had been the main objective of communication. The objective for 2013 was to expand the scope of Oral Health Month from just cavity check-ups for children to dental check-ups for the entire family by offering families a free dental visit.


Objective and Context

In India, visits to the dentist are not considered until there is a serious problem. Not only is the dentist, feared but consumers also believe that it could result in a high cost.

Therefore, Red Fuse needed to highlight the fact that these check-ups were free and easily accessible. This would ensure that the consumers would take the effort and get check-ups done not only for themselves but for the entire family.

Research also showed consumers placed great importance on overall health and fitness, and we observed a growing trend toward oral care. Search volumes on oral care were showing a year-to-year growth of 23 percent in 2013.


Creative Strategy

Since more than a third of entire search volumes pertaining to oral care in India originate from mobile devices, mobile search played a pivotal role of the campaign's strategy.

The brand came up with “Customized Tagging” in Google Search – a combination of Google Search with location extension, layered with geo-targeting.

Oral Health Month was promoted heavily across TV, print, digital, on-ground activations and mobile out-bound calls, resulting in huge searches on different aspects of oral care and free dental check-up centers in particular.

There were more than 20,000 free dental check-up centers set up all over India during Oral Health Month by Colgate and the India Dental Association. These centers were segregated by city and a pin code and a geo-targeted campaign was set up for pan-India with the location extension in Google search.

When anybody searched anything general pertaining to oral care or specific to Oral Health Month or dental check-ups, the address of the nearest free dental check-up center in his or her town, city or pin code was shown right within the text ad, which appeared at the top of the search results page in Google. So if somebody from Jaipur searched for “tooth pain,” he or she would see an ad for a free dental check-up with the address of the nearest free dental check-up center in Jaipur.

The campaign leveraged user behavior in a digital platform to change behavior in real life. Ads with the location of the nearest free dental check-up centers appeared on more than 67,000 search instances.



During Oral Health Month, Colgate completed more than 4.9 million free dental check-ups.

This was the year when Colgate also got recognized as the Most Trusted Brand for the third consecutive year by Brand Equity. A hugely successful Oral Health Month in October and November 2013 contributed toward the equity-building of the overall Colgate brand. By the end of December 2013, Colgate’s market share reached a record-breaking 55 percent share, its all-time high in 14 years in the hyper-competitive oral care category.



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