Coca Cola: FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour



Client: Coca-Cola
Product: FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour
Category: Food, Beverage, Tobacco
Agency: Adtima/VNG Corporation
Country: Vietnam
Year: 2014


Campaign Summary

Our brief was to amplify the buzz of the Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour 2014 and to recruit 2,400 fans to the event in Hanoi. Our target audience was young football fans in the north of Vietnam.


Objective and Context

FIFA World Cup, an occasion that football fans around the world always look forward to, is widely anticipated in Vietnam. As an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2014, with the brand promise to "Open Happiness," Coca-Cola wanted to bring happiness to Vietnamese football fans by giving them a chance to see the real World Cup trophy. Adtima decided to find them and talk to them in the most popular mobile platform in Vietnam, Zalo, which allowed the agency to deliver location-based advertising and engagement activities that could open happiness during this festive season.

This was the second time Coca-Cola brought the FIFA World Cup trophy to Vietnam, so Adtima wanted to use a new platform to engage with fans. Campaign awareness was delivered mostly with PR channels. Mobile platform played a key role in engagement.


Creative Strategy

Coca-Cola’s Zalo page became a happy hub for football fans during the World Cup. Sticky messages helped Coca-Cola reach more than 10 million Zalo users. Adtima applied location-based targeting technology to deliver different messages to users older than 12 who were living and working in Hanoi. The hub opened a series of mini games to deliver attractive gifts and e-tickets to users. Users could also take part in activities, including drawing a picture to express their love of Coca-Cola/World Cup and send photos with Coca-Cola products and football moments to the Coca- Cola page on Zalo

The brand invited offline communities in Hanoi to the event, including T&T group, the Chelsea fan club, the Manchester fan club, the University of Foreign Trade and the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.

The winners from the games were eligible to win tickets to join the trophy event from Coca-Cola’s Zalo page. E-tickets were sent directly to their phones. Users could redeem e-tickets at Quan Ngua Stadium to join the Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour.



As the market leader, Coca-Cola wanted to gain more brand love in the heart of Vietnamese football fans.

The campaign resulted in 3,624 e-tickets delivered on Zalo, 27,312 followers on the Zalo page, 56,062 engagements and 5,000 people – double the goal – who joined the event from the Zalo network.





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