Isbank: IsCep App Touch ID



Client: Isbank
Product: Touch ID Technology on IsCep
Category: Financial Services, Insurance 
Agency: In-house
Country: Turkey
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

With approximately 16 million customers, Isbank has been serving individuals and businesses since 1924 as the leading bank of Turkey. Enhancing its service delivery channels to enable customers to reach its banking services fast and easily, Isbank has made continuous improvements to its digital banking capabilities. Today, 82 percent of all its banking transactions take place through digital channels, with Isbank offering the latest in banking technology to make customer interactions easier, faster and more secure.

As Turkey’s largest private bank, Isbank launched IsCep as the first native mobile banking app in 2007. IsCep counts 1.8 million active users, with a total number of transactions now higher than those made in its 1,330 branches. IsCep supports all mobile iOS, Android and Windows 8 operating systems; moreover, it can be used by both personal and commercial bank users in Turkish and English.

As Turkey's first and most comprehensive mobile banking app, IsCep allows customers to perform more than 140 secure financial transactions -- from money transfers, credit card transactions, foreign currency and investments/stock trading, to bill payments and loan applications. Newer features have included location-based targeting, call-center integration and a “competition button” offering special gifts via weekly competitions to drive activations and to acquire new bank customers.

Nowadays, an easy and secure login process is a differentiating feature for mobile users. In this sense, highly innovative and technological features have been added to IsCep, the latest being Touch ID -- Apple’s fingerprint authentication technology that went live in September 2014 -- removing the need to type in a PIN code and enabling a quick and easy login without compromising security.  More than 50 percent of IsCep users with a Touch ID-enabled phone have logged into IsCep via Touch ID.


Objective and Context

IsCep’s Touch ID launch campaign was targeted at users between the ages of 20-45 years old, who are interested in the latest technology and banking trends, and want to do banking transactions via an app easily and quickly while on the go. With the goals of attracting new customers to Isbank and driving app downloads, users having a Touch ID enabled phone with iOS 8 were the main audience for this campaign.

Touch ID was first introduced to make the lives of IsCep users easier. The bank’s aim was to show users that they could enjoy this convenience in all aspects of their lives, with messaging to that effect across all communication channels, using the phrase: “We’ll recognize you by your finger if it makes your life easier."  The theme was promoted through newspaper and magazine ads, banners and events. Since each channel addresses a different target group, the brand used each channel to its advantage while getting our message across.


Creative Strategy

Isbank began to promote the Touch ID features on IsCep simultaneously with the release date of the feature via a multi-faceted campaign: mobile display and banner advertising; text ads shown to online searchers; a demo video; print ads and social media. Since innovation with the mobile app is key, the team allocated more than half of the launch campaign budget to online channels.

After a while, the Touch ID feature was relaunched using TV, digital. print and out-of-home spots -- including cinema, metro ads and billboards -- with a well-received campaign that featured Turkey’s leading actor and standup comedian, Cem Yilmaz.

Moreover, a digital outdoor event was organized for Valentine’s Day on a very popular street in Istanbul to promote Touch ID technology while logging into IsCep. The idea of the event was itself innovative and drew wide consumer attention.



The Touch ID journey was a success story for Isbank because of the bank’s quick technology integration;  the end-to-end process was finished within two months. Additionally, IsCep app users quickly adapted to Touch ID, with more than 3,000 users logging in with it within two days of the release. This marked a 40 percent increase in monthly iOS app downloads for September 2014. Isbank and Touch ID even won notice from Apple, with IsCep listed as a featured app for weeks at launch. 

The number of Touch ID users hit nearly 50,000 within three months of release and then grew via the relaunch campaign to over 100,000 within six months. 

The follow-on effort was equally impressive: In the one-month period from September to October 2015, the campaign got more than 70 million online impressions,(including social media and mobile. Then, with the second, relaunch campaign in January 2015, total campaigns impressions exceeded 100 million, crossing all above-named channels. In all, the campaign enhanced the user experience and strengthened Isbank’s reputation as an innovator in the banking sector. 








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