Canal+: 30th Anniversary



Client: Canal+ 
Product: Canal+ 30th Anniversary
Category:  Entertainment, Media, Sports
Agency:  userADgents
Country:  France
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

To mark its 30th anniversary, CANAL+ wanted to create some brand excitement for two types of its stores: “Premium” (with 50 outlets) and “Elites” (53 outlets). Indeed, these small stores were badly referenced by general market store locators. And so the aim of this campaign was to drive customers to seek out a special in-store offer for the brand’s birthday at participating stores and to recruit new subscribers.  An important challenge: the campaign had a very short deadline of a mere two weeks.


Objective and Context

To insure targeted traffic for both store networks, the agency was asked to imagine a program including mobile advertising, SMS or any other possible lever. The available options were to use geo-location of potential consumers according to their position at a precise time, using GPS, IP wifi or cell ID, or geo-targeting via an existing database, or information provided by the customers themselves.

The target audience was iPhone, iPod Touch and Android mobile owners living near the geographic zones of the 102 stores included in the campaign, mostly men ages 25-60 years old, with a socio-economic classification of 1 to 3. These shoppers typically choose a larger store channel and are driven by particular tastes and hobbies, or personalized offers based on their geographic position.

The strategy was built to complement display messages, advertising banners and interstitials. The agency also developed a responsive landing page, geo-localized for each store that showed the closest participating outlet, plus geo-targeted SMS and geo-located MMS messaging via Plyce, a dedicated coupon app that featured push notifications, a geo-localized newsletter and social networks that worked across major telecom partners. Finally, the team controlled the frequency of messaging with an eye toward optimization.


Creative Strategy

The tactical plan was a mobile-dedicated operation. Indeed, the 30th birthday of the brand constituted a huge media campaign, but the mobile portion was different because it was only built on geo-location and geo-targeting to increase very specific store traffic -- ensuring a strong mobile presence for Canal+.  By design, the extra targeting yielded exposure of the offer to qualified leads, with a second control on the mobile site redirecting users towards the closest participating store. This “double” control avoided the disappointment that can often occur when systems are not well optimized. 



Before this operation, traffic in those two targeted store networks was very low and not always referenced by the brand’s own store locators. The mobile campaign enabled the networks to gain both visibility and sales. Indeed, traffic and sales increased in 90 percent of the participant stores. What's more, at the highest level of the campaign, the brand observed a 7.5 percent increase in participant stores compared to the non-exposed units.

The campaign exceeded its overall objectives and goals. More precisely, the geo-localized displays saw more than 14 million targeted exposures to the offer compared to a previous offer which yielded only 3.85 million. The geo-localized MMS operation reached 265 clicks out of 21,168 messages sent, and the geo-targeted SMS operation reached 440 clicks out of 19,455 messages sent. 

The Canal+ mobile site’s landing page was seen almost 190,000 times, while more than 80,000 total shopper sessions were broken down as follows: mobile -- 42,891 sessions, desktop -- 22,536 sessions; and tablet -- 14,975 sessions.

The Plyce coupon integration saw an impression volume that was 2.5 times greater than expected -- marking more than 2.5 million impressions, with a click rate of 2.05 percent; 963 coupons were issued and there was a redemption rate of 1.85 percent. The strong results convinced the brand to keep on integrating mobile marketing in its global strategy in the future thanks to its power of targeting and reaching the audience more easily than via other channels.




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