Paris Saint-Germain: Store Digitalization 



Client: Paris Saint-Germain Merchandising
Product: Paris Saint-Germain store digitalization 
Category: Retail   
Agency: userADgents
Country: France
Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

The Paris Saint-Germain football club wanted to digitalize its corners within “Go Sport” stores to provide a new customer experience -- through real-time current issues, special offers and information -- that would help build a deeper bond between the club and its customers.  A first step: figuring out which in-store experience would work best, taking into account new store architecture as well as the geographical and technical environment. Facing this challenge, the strategic objectives were to increase time spent by customers in Paris Saint-Germain’s corner, but also to immerse visitors in the brand’s universe and establish Paris Saint-Germain as an innovative sports brand, close to its customers. Another goal was to increase sales of club T-shirts during league matches in the Parc des Princes Stadium.


Objective and Context

With a target audience of all Go Sport store customers as well as the club’s ardent fans, the initial strategy was built upon interactive in-store displays featuring a touch-screen kiosk. The setup was equipped with an iPad loaded with information and news about Paris St. Germain that allowed consumers to interact with an oversize screen. The latter displayed counts of in-store fans, real-time matches and activities on social networks, club statistics and a countdown clock for upcoming events. The array of offerings reinforced the bond between supporters and the club, with the future aim of creating a more personalized in-store experience through iBeacon technology. 

Additionally, sales personnel equipped with iPads used a dedicated app to help fans create personalized T-shirts at the Parc des Princes Stadium to facilitate purchases more easily. Finally, a social wall was installed in the Paris Saint-Germain official store of Jean Bouin to further immerse customers in the club experience. The operation started in November 2014 and was the first step of Paris Saint-Germain’s in-store digitalization.


Creative Strategy

Prior to the November 2014 campaign, the brand had struggled on two fronts: Attracting consumers to the Paris Saint-Germain environment within non-branded stores (Go Sport are big multi-brand players) and drawing the attention of stadium visitors who were focused on live matches to capitalize on their interest and buy personalized T-shirts and other merchandise.

The three-part operation -- touch-screen kiosk, social wall and iPad application -- were based on the Internet of things -- connecting a wall/mirror and a kiosk -- so consumers didn’t have to interact with their mobile phone, but could interact directly with the equipment furnished in stores. Nevertheless, the iPad application dedicated to Paris Saint-Germain sellers was meant to facilitate sales on-the-go. Indeed, sellers are now able to walk through the stands at Parc des Princes Stadium and meet consumers so that they don’t have to leave their seat to place an order.



What started as a display at two Go Sport corners in December 2014, yielded great success, and the program was extended to five different stores with the intention of being implemented across all Paris Saint-Germain’s stores the following year.

Stadium sales also benefited from a strong uptake in fan interest, allowing sales teams to better advise and sell faster when a match was happening. Hearing from customers and sellers, the campaign not only drove traffic to stores to increase sales but helped reinforce the image of Paris Saint-Germain as a dynamic, united and attractive club.



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